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Facebook: The Shift to Mobile Is Here

Karin Tracy stressed the importance of using technology to have a personal connection with consumers.

The fact that we’re living in a digital focused world is a given, but according to Karin Tracy, head of industry of beauty, fashion, luxury and retail at Facebook, some brands still haven’t adapted to this change.

“We used to think of our lives as our offline world and our online world,” she said. “There was this virtual life and my real life and your companies organized yourself where you had [separate] departments that did online and traditional media. Because of [this digital shift] this has become one joined real world where offline and online are now merging together.”

With over 526 million beauty posts across Facebook and Instagram, Tracy discussed how traditional marketing is no longer the norm as consumers receive almost all content through their mobile phones. This presents an opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers instantly, however they must appeal to them in a personal way in order to grab their attention.

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“You must give [your customer] a frictionless experience, one where it’s instantly accessible with variety, relevance and personalization where it can be sent right to her doorstep,” Tracy said. “Otherwise, a swipe or a click of a button and she’s moved on.”

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To appeal to consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, Tracy recommended three measures: people-based marketing, availability and time efficiency. She emphasized that video content, which is projected to comprise 75 percent of all mobile data by 2020, is an effective way for brands to personally connect with consumers.

Tracy also stressed brands must be accessible, like through Facebook Messenger Chatbots, to continue creating a one-on-one relationship with consumers. She finished her recommendations by stating the average attention span of younger consumers has come down to eight seconds, meaning brands need to reconfigure their advertising to instantly appeal to consumers.

“We know [marketing] is about multiple channels, but most importantly it’s about putting the customer at the center as the primary channel,” she said. “The fact that mobile is dominating this attention deficit economy, breaking through means quick, relevant and personalized storytelling on our platforms and becoming a vital part of her day-to-day life.”