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Femme Fatale, the New Euphoria and Other Emerging Beauty Trends

Gen Z’s beauty routines aren’t necessarily built product up: often, they simply start with a vibe.

The seemingly ceaseless revolving door of TikTok-driven beauty aesthetics of late all have one thing in common: effortful simplicity. 

With the so-called “that girl” and “off-duty model” aesthetics gaining traction on TikTok this year, a number of sub-aesthetics have cropped up which channel this pared-down approach to beauty

While season one of HBO Max’s hit show, “Euphoria,” gave rise to a flurry of rainbow-colored, rhinestone-clad makeup looks, the more subtle glam of season two, which debuted in January, has spawned comparatively toned-down looks that emphasize glowy skin and lips. 

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When consumers do opt for dramatic eye makeup — like the siren eye look, which involves winged eyeliner and smoked-out eye shadow — it’s usually accompanied by more muted components; lip oil instead of lipstick, lash serum in favor of mascara, and more of the like.

Layered, choppy haircuts like the wolf, butterfly and octopus cuts have also risen in popularity on TikTok, with users opting for modern takes on the voluminous, throwback styles. 

Here, Trendalytics’ top three emerging trend stories for 2022, along with the search increase rates of key components comprising each one, versus the year prior.

1. Femme Fatale

  • Siren Eyes: +3,017 percent
  • Lip Oil: +154 percent
  • Hair Serum: +38 percent
  • Lash Growth Serum: +30 percent
  • Cream Blush: +27 percent

2. The New Euphoria

  • Glitter Brows: +334 percent
  • Makeup Strobing: +280 percent
  • Holographic Lip Gloss: +202 percent
  • Glow Primer: +48 percent
  • Liquid Highlighter: +41 percent

3. “It” Haircuts

  • Butterfly Haircut: +2,162 percent
  • Fluffy Layers: +898 percent
  • Bottleneck Bob: +717 percent
  • Octopus Haircut: +484 percent
  • Wolf Cut: +43 percent