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Fashion Institute of Technology Launches Beauty Industry Essentials Program

The online program consists of seven courses that give students an in-depth introduction to the beauty industry.

With so much interest in beauty, the Fashion Institute of Technology wants to make it easier for students to break into the industry.

Launching the Beauty Industry Essentials program, FIT is offering an in-depth introduction program to many sectors within the sector. The seven-course, online program covers areas like the business of fragrance, packaging, marketing, merchandising and media.

“While we see beauty all around us, a lot of people don’t understand how these products get to the marketplace,” said Virginia Bonofiglio, cosmetics and fragrance marketing chair at FIT, who helped create the program. “We live in an age where people want to know [about beauty] and this program allows them to know about something that they were always in contact with and always interested in.”

The courses include an introduction to the beauty industry; the cosmetic world and beauty artistry; the business of fragrance; beauty product knowledge and development; designing beauty packaging and presentation; beauty marketing and merchandising, and beauty media. Students will also be able to receive career advice from FIT professors and industry executives.

Structured in conjunction with Allure magazine, the program allows students to take the courses at their own pace within the same year in order to receive a noncredit certificate of achievement from FIT. The program is $79 a month, or $749 for the full program.

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“What students learn from the program is where there is a space for them in the beauty sector,” Bonofiglio continued. “They might be a great packaging designer, a great social media person or influencer. The idea was to make information about beauty as a business available to a wider audience.”