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Five Body Care Launches From Summer Fridays, U Beauty, Mutha and More

Brands founded and led by women are hedging their bets on body care.

Body care was one segment driving skin care’s growth in 2020, according to The NPD Group, and female-founded brands are leading the charge to take treatments down to the toes. Here, five body product launches from woman-led businesses.

Mutha Body Contour Serum
Mutha Body Contour Serum Photo courtesy of Mutha

Mutha Body Contour Serum, available at for $95.

When Hope Smith founded Mutha in late 2019, she set out to deliver highly active formulations with natural ingredients. After her foray into skin care, Smith is introducing the Body Contour Serum, an actives-packed treatment meant to mimic lymphatic drainage. The star ingredient, mustard sprout, is said to increase microcirculation, which decreases water retention and detoxes adipose tissue, Smith said. The formulation also has hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramides and AHAs for a resurfacing effect.

Body Contour Serum is 97 percent natural, which posed formulating issues. “It’s so hard, how active is the product, how stable is the product?” she said.

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Although the product’s clinical studies do purport a slimming effect, Smith said she’s positioning the serum as a tool for self-care above all else. “It’s called the Body Contour Serum, but I’m not trying to get people to lose weight. This is more about really making you feel your best. Our mission is to create products that strengthen confidence and change insecurities,” she said. Industry sources estimate the launch could reach $1 million in wholesale sales for its first year on the market.

Summer Fridays
Summer Fridays Summer Skin Photo courtesy of Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays Summer Skin Body Lotion, available at and Sephora for $26.

Summer Fridays cofounders Lauren Ireland and Marianna Hewitt made their mark on body care with the Babymoon Belly Balm, a potent moisturizer for expectant mothers. Now, they’ve brought a less targeted treatment to market. “We wanted that Summer Fridays feeling, but for your whole body,” Hewitt said, noting that the brand’s consumers already use the skin care products on their bodies. “We’re a really community-driven brand, and people really wanted that moisturizer over and over again.”

Enter Summer Skin, which the founders think of as skin care, but for the body. “Over the past several years, we’ve fallen in love with good skin care as a whole, and naturally, that’s now ascended into body care,” Ireland said.

The lotion, which the brand is selling online and at Sephora, has ceramides, hyaluronic acid and plant butters and is also vegan and cruelty-free. Industry sources expect the product will hit the $2 million mark in its first 12 months on the market.

Hewitt sees a huge white space in the body care category, and thinks there’s room for more innovation. “Body care specifically was owned by mass brands for so long, but we are extending skin care into body care, and that’s coming to the fore now,” she said.

U Beauty
U Beauty The Sculpt Arm Compound Photo courtesy of U Beauty

U Beauty The Sculpt Arm Compound, available at Net-a-porter and for $98.

The ethos behind U Beauty is to only target damaged skin cells in need of repair, so it makes sense that the brand’s first body product is also ultra-targeted. The brand’s treatment for arms, called the Sculpt Arm Compound, targets the individual needs of skin on the arms. “There are no sebaceous glands, it’s very fragile, and it’s the most susceptible to the effects of gravity,” said Tina Craig, founder of U Beauty, of that part of the body.

The Compound works using the brand’s patent-pending siren technology, which is said to only target damaged or decaying skin cells. It includes a strain of bacteria from a rare marine sponge that signals the skin to tighten. According to Craig, the product’s clinical test results showed that the testing group that combined exercise and product usage experienced double the results of those doing one or the other.

Craig said this ultra-tailored take on body care is where the category is heading. “Your abdominal skin is so different from the arm skin, and same with your legs,” she said. “The white space is that everyone’s treating all the skin on their body the same way.” The Arm Compound could reach $5 million in retail sales, industry sources estimate.

Diana Madison Beauty Glowette
Diana Madison Beauty Glowette Photo courtesy of Diana Madison Beauty

Diana Madison Beauty Glowette Body Polish, available at for $57.

When Diana Madison first tried kukui nut oil, the hero ingredient behind her latest launch, it was love at first jellyfish sting. Madison discovered the oil when she went to a drugstore in Hawaii to soothe a jellyfish sting after swimming at the beach. “I was fascinated because [I found] kukui oil, kukui oil lip gloss, kukui oil hair products, too. I started doing research and found that kukui oil helps with eczema psoriasis. It’s so powerful,” she said. “And it’s nice because, for vanity, it does give your body a glow.”

Madison’s second product, Glowette Body Polish, is the body’s answer to Glowtopia, her prickly pear seed-based face oil. She sees the body as one of skin care’s final frontiers. “It’s important just that we put that effort into our face, into our bodies,” she said.

Madison, who is also a content creator and influencer, is launching the product solely through her own channels. Industry sources estimate the body oil to reach $500,000 in retail sales during its first year on the market.

Womaness Photo courtesy of Womaness

Womaness, available at and select Target doors. Prices range from $14 to $40.

When Sally Mueller was going through her own menopause journey, she began to understand just how uninformed women were about their bodies and, more specifically, how few of them are seeing their needs serviced by modern brands. “Fifty million women are going through menopause at any given time, and the average length of time is 10 years,” she said.

Mueller joined forces with friend Michelle Jacobs, and the two founded Womaness, a brand that treats myriad side effects of menopause. Mueller is chief executive officer; Jacobs serves as chief operating officer.

The brand, which launched with 11 stockkeeping units in select Target doors and on its own website, believes in treating women head to toe. It includes facial skin care, a personal lubricant, body lotion, a neck firming treatment, body wipes and dietary supplements. “Whether treatments for skin care, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, we felt strongly about attacking the entire opportunity,” Jacobs said.

Part of launching with an array of products, Jacobs added, was that women’s experiences with menopause varied drastically from person to person. “We felt like we couldn’t be a brand standing for the health of this woman without addressing multiple issues,” she said. Industry sources estimate the brand’s wholesale sales could exceed $1 million for its first 12 months on the market.

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