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Flamingo Expands to Body Care

The Harry's-owned brand is moving beyond hair removal.

Flamingo is expanding from hair removal to the broader body-care category.

The Harry’s-owned line of shaving and wax products is debuting today the Moisture collection, its first foray outside of hair removal and into the greater realm of personal care. The collection consists of three products — the Deep Nourishing Cream, $10; Daily Moisturizing Lotion, $8, and Light Hydrating Spray, $10. The full collection can also be purchased in a bundle for $25.

Flamingo launched in October 2018 with a modern take on at-home wax kits, razors and shave products targeted at women. Devoid of the hyper-feminine marketing typically found in the category, Flamingo relies on digital and word-of-mouth marketing. In the months since the global coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to close and consumers to stay home, the brand’s sales have seen a significant uptick — a 47 percent jump in total sales pre-pandemic to now, and a 96 percent increase in wax kit sales.

The body-care products are a natural extension of the Flamingo brand, said Allie Melnick, vice president and general manager for Flamingo. Aside from selling direct-to-consumer, Flamingo is also sold in Target, Walgreens and in grocery stores. The body-care collection is set to roll out to all Target doors this month.

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Melnick noted that Flamingo may continue to expand into categories within body-care. “We’re exploring spaces around holistic body care and supporting everyday self-care rituals,” she said.

Flamingo is part of Harry’s Inc., which launched in 2012 as a direct-to-consumer razor business. In February, the Federal Trade Commission moved to block a merger between Harry’s Inc. and Edgewell Personal Care, saying the deal would eliminate “one of the most important competitive forces in the shaving industry.”