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Flamingo Delves Into Vagina Care With Mons Mist, the Bush 2020 Campaign

The Harry's-owned brand is the latest to offer a modernized product for women's intimate health and wellness.

Flamingo is the latest brand to get into vagina care, and it is heralding its entry into the market with a pop-up — the Bush 2020, modeled after a retro campaign headquarters.

Harry’s-owned women’s hair removal brand Flamingo, which debuted last year with products for shaving and waxing, is introducing this month its first product since launch. The Mons Mist, a conditioning spray for pubic hair, meant for hair — and skin — in all stages of the growth or removal process. Though not anatomically meant for use on the vagina — the Mons Mist is designed for the mons pubis, technically part of the vulva — Flamingo’s product is just the latest in a wave of new personal-care products targeted toward women’s intimate health and wellness.

The Bush 2020 campaign includes out-of-home ads around New York created by design community veteran Paula Scher, who has done work for MoMa and the New York City Ballet. “We cold-called her and asked if she’d want to [design the campaign],” said Allie Melnick, Flamingo’s general manager. “She laughed for a good minute and said, ‘This is what I’ve been waiting my entire career to do.'”

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The campaign headquarters pop-up at 357 Canal Street in Chinatown will be open to the public and run from Oct. 23 to 27. The pop-up will feature imagery designed by Scher with cheeky, politically inspired messages revolving around body hair — for example, “Fighting for the American Pubic” and “No Waxation Without Representation.” The pop-up will feature programming throughout the week, including a talk with a gynecologist.

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Mons Mist was designed for pubic hair in any stage of growth — “whether you have a full Bush or Brazilian, or maybe it’s been a week or month since you’ve removed,” Melnick said. “In today’s world, there are binary messages being shouted. In order to be feminine, you have to get rid [of hair]. In order to be a feminist, you have to grow it out. In reality, women make choices that are unique to them, we are supporting and navigating their own personal choices.”

Flamingo launched in October 2018 as a direct-to-consumer brand, and quickly went on to sell in all of Target’s 1,800-plus doors. Mons Mist will launch directly on Flamingo’s web site this week.

“It’s a sensitive area, and not [one] that people are used to discussing,” said Melnick, noting the brand will be creating content for its web site on caring for the pubic region. There have been a lot of [product launches] but there’s still a lot of muddling through information to do.”