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Bad Habit: Forma Brands’ New Skin-care Company

Bad Habit by Forma Brands launches with 10 sku's aimed at relieving stressed-out skin.

Forma Brands believes it can restore peace to Gen Z and young Millennials’ “stressed-out skin.”

Morphe’s parent company previously told WWD that a skin-care brand was in the works. That brand, called Bad Habit, is now here.

Bad Habit is a “hybrid skin-care-wellness brand” developed with Gen Z and young Millennial burnout in mind, said Simon Cowell, president of Forma Brands. In a virtual interview, Cowell said the “tech-filled lifestyle” of these two age groups is “wreaking havoc on their skin,” in addition to causing mental and emotional stress and overindulgence.

“When you think about what they’re seeing on social media, chasing what is pervasive there in terms of that unattainable, healthy, happy lifestyle, that’s also contributing to these guys feeling burnt out,” Cowell said. “Bad Habit offers a unique collection of skin-care products designed for the reality of modern life.”

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Bad Habit launches with 10 stockkeeping units that are clean and vegan, with essential oil blends meant to calm and energize. The products retail for less than $30 each and will be sold at Ulta in stores and online starting Dec. 27, followed by Morphe, which will begin carrying the assortment in stores and online Dec. 29.

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Bad Habit Forma Brands
Bad Habit launches with 10 sku’s priced under $30 each. Courtesy of Forma Brands

The products fall within two categories: Daily Skincare Essentials, a two-step regimen for morning and night, and Quick Fix Treatments meant to treat specific “bad habits” such as dehydration and lack of sleep. About six launches are slated for 2021, with body products in the pipeline.

“What makes this really unique is this multisensory wellness aspect, which comes through in the ingredients that we’ve selected,” Cowell said.

With Bad Habit, Forma Brands plans to focus its efforts on digital, including social media platforms such as TikTok. Morphe is known for its collaborations with beauty’s most well-known YouTube and Instagram influencers, and Forma tapped famed TikTok-ers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio for the launch of Morphe 2.

TikTok, said Myles McCormick, Forma’s chief executive officer, is a growing area of focus for the company.

“Morphe 2 frankly was the way to break in[to TikTok] and do it in a way where it felt more authentic, as opposed to just advertising,” McCormick said. “The intent with Bad Habit is going to be consistent. As we’re learning and developing more, it has certainly proven to be an exciting platform, but TikTok is evolving from an audience perspective. It’s becoming a little bit more mature for brands, becoming richer for influencers. It’s evolving and our strategies are evolving with it.”

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