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Funmi Fetto on Writing the ‘Beauty Bible’ for Women of Color

"Palette," which releases in the U.S. on April 21, is Fetto's second book.

Funmi Fetto has tried thousands of beauty products over the course of her 20-year editorial career. For her book, “Palette,” only 200 made the cut.

A contributing editor at British Vogue, Fetto is also the author of “Palette: The Beauty Bible for Women of Colour.” The book, Fetto’s second, offers a comprehensive guide for women of color seeking the cleansers, exfoliators, sun care, body care, foundations, concealers, hair products and more that suit them.

Fetto wrote the book in a mere eight months. It debuted in the fall in the U.K., and on April 21, makes its way Stateside. The book retails for $30 and includes illustrations by Spiros Halaris.

Funmi Fetto Palette
“Palette” is Funmi Fetto’s second book. Courtesy Image

“I felt if I was to write a book on beauty, it’s because I’m trying to say something beyond, ‘here’s a nice product,'” Fetto said. “I want people to get some usage out of it, of course, but for me, I’d never thought about writing a book — until, in many ways, I felt quite frustrated by the industry. I felt it still wasn’t speaking effectively or widely to women who didn’t fit that Eurocentric idea of beauty.”

Fetto began her career in editorial as an intern at Elle U.K. after a brief, three-year stint in finance.

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“There was a day I walked in [to her former financial employer’s office] and I had this asymmetrical sleeveless dress on — bear in mind everyone else is wearing suits — and I teamed it with a purple pair of snakeskin cowboy boots,” Fetto recalled. “I remember looking down at myself and thinking, what are you doing here?”

She has since written for publications such as The Sunday Times, Harper’s Bazaar, The Guardian, Tatler and British Vogue.