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Givaudan Inaugurates Plant for Natural Ingredients in Madagascar

The unit is part of the Swiss fragrance and flavors supplier’s drive for sustainable sourcing.

PARIS — Givaudan continues its drive for sustainable sourcing.

The Swiss fragrance and flavors supplier said that it inaugurated on Tuesday a new processing plant for clove leaf oil in Madagascar. The joint venture between Givaudan and Henri Fraise Fils et Cie, a long-standing partner, is called NATEMA, which stands for Natural Extracts Madagascar.

In April 2014, the companies set a joint venture to transform clove leaf oil sourced by Givaudan’s network of farmers into products for use in its fragrances and flavors. The facility is expected to process hundreds of tons of clove leaf oil yearly and will initially employ about 50 people.

NATEMA’s process has numerous sustainable elements in place: It uses recovered rainwater, while the use of solar panels and biomass boilers are being studied. The unit’s distillation waste is recycled, and Givaudan also works with local producers to plant fast-growing trees in the areas where clove trees had been harvested. Forty thousand were planted there last year.

The unit is expected to add to its production more natural ingredients from Madagascar and neighboring countries.

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