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Designer Di Meo Creates Fantasy Scents with Givaudan

Project is described as creative, rather than commercial.

PARIS — Aiming to bring fragrance back to its sacred, ritualistic roots, designer Philippe di Méo has created Les Liquides Imaginaires, a limited-edition collection of three scents, in partnership with Givaudan and German photographer Daniel Sannwald.


Sancti, for purification, is a vetiver-based fragrance; Fortis is a fiery, oud-based scent; while Tumultu is a sensual, sandalwood juice. The first two were created by Givaudan perfumer Sonia Constant and the latter by Jacques Huclier. Forty 250-ml. bottles of each eau de toilette will be sold for 200 euros, or $273 at current exchange.


The collection also includes three pewter amphora created by the Orfevrerie d’Anjou, of which 12 of each have been produced, in which to infuse the fragrances. These are priced at 3,000 euros, or $4,100. While the project is creative, rather than commercial, “if someone likes the concept and wants to buy into it, we are not against that,” a spokesman for the brand said.


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The fragrances will be exhibited at Martin Margiela-designed Paris hotel La Maison until October 20 and are also available online at