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Givaudan Releases Sustainability Report

The Swiss fragrance and flavors supplier also set out new goals for 2020.

PARIS — Givaudan on Thursday released its sustainability report for 2015, the culmination of a five-year strategy cycle for the Swiss fragrance- and flavors-maker.

Highlights include the company having cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 30.9 percent; improved its energy efficiency by 15.4 percent; reduced waste by 42.8 percent and improved water efficiency by 10.4 percent.

Givaudan stated consumers today want more sustainable products.

“The company strives for continuous improvement of operational processes to deliver on our strengthened eco-efficiency targets,” stated Gilles Andrier, Givaudan chief executive officer. “We collaborate with suppliers on sustainable sourcing, and partner with our employees to promote responsible practices in the workplace and beyond.”

The company also on Thursday published a new plan that runs through 2020. It includes the goal of stabilizing Givaudan’s carbon footprint by reducing its absolute carbon dioxide emissions by at least 4 percent year-on-year to compensate for its growing production volumes. Waste production and energy consumption are meant to be lowered per ton by 4 percent a year, while water usage should be reduced 15 percent per ton of product between 2010 and 2020. That latter target remains unchanged versus the plan announced in 2010.