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EXCLUSIVE: Glamsquad Expands Offerings With Debut Line of Hair Care

Using data collected from the 500,000-plus appointments it has completed, Glamsquad is launching a hair-care line, with makeup to follow in the new year.

Glamsquad is broadening its scope to include not just services, but products, too.

The on-demand beauty brand, which has completed more than 500,000 appointments since its launch in 2014, is releasing a debut line of products. Consisting of eight sku’s, the line falls within the hair-care category and includes sprays, a dry shampoo, oil, a lotion, a treatment, a mousse and a travel kit. It was created using data collected from Glamsquad users and the brand’s roster of beauty professionals.

“From Glamsquad’s inception, we approached the business with the idea of being both a beauty and lifestyle brand,” said Amy Shecter, chief executive officer of Glamsquad. “Our goal is to touch our consumers through every part of the journey. From booking a Glamsquad service to creating looks on their own, we want to be with them every step of the way. The natural next step for us was to develop best-in-class products that could be sold to consumers in a highly personalized and high-touch manner.”

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Exclusive: Glamsquad Expands Offerings With Debut
Glamsquad’s debut line of products. Courtesy Image

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The Glamsquad product line launches Dec. 12. Prices range from $22 for The Untamed Texturizing Finishing Spray to $27 for The Iconic Blowout Lotion to $34 for the Re-Treat Hair Treatment. The products will be sold on Glamsquad’s web site and app.

Shecter declined to offer a sales estimate, but industry sources project that the line will do between $3 million and $5 million in its first year.

Glamsquad is said to have grown at a rate of 50 percent year-over-year since its launch, and it is projected to continue to grow at that rate in 2019. The brand is available in New York; Los Angeles; Orange County in Calif.; Miami; Washington, D.C.; Boston; San Francisco, and the Bay Area. It employs 1,500 beauty professionals and continues to hire on a monthly basis.

The decision to launch with hair care stemmed from the fact that hair is Glamsquad’s most requested service. According to Shecter, 60 percent of Glamsquad’s 500,000-plus appointments have fallen within the hair category.

“We look at the consumer’s home as a micro lab,” she said. “Our brand was created by our clients for our clients.”

“The heart of this is the feedback loop that we have,” added Poupak Sionit, Glamsquad’s chief marketing officer. “We’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn from both our customers and our beauty professionals and understand what they want, their needs. We have consumer profiles that they’re filling in, uploading pictures about the kind of looks that they want. We’re taking all of that learning.”

The products aim to be “foundational, but high-performance,” according to Giovanni Vaccaro, artistic director for hair at Glamsquad. As the company offers in-home services, the team developed a fragrance to appear throughout the product line with the intention of leaving clients’ homes smelling fresh.

“This is not a salon where you have a service and someone sprays a product you don’t like and you’re able to leave and you don’t have to smell it,” said Vaccaro. “Our fragrance is something we knew we wanted our clients to have in their homes. The fragrance is really beautiful and it’s essential that it goes with our entire hairstyling line.”

As part of the rollout, Glamsquad partnered with an industry veteran to develop engaging digital content to educate its beauty professionals on the product line. The brand will provide its beauty pros with the products to use during appointments. Post-appointment, clients will receive e-mails or in-app notifications detailing the products used. They will then have the opportunity to purchase the products, and the beauty pros will make commissions off of these purchases.

Glamsquad is already looking to expand into other categories in 2019, namely makeup. A cosmetics line is in the works and will likely launch at the top of the new year.

“We are using our feedback loop from our consumers to identify the areas that make the most sense for Glamsquad to launch first,” said Shecter. “In listening to our clients, we have a great lineup of products that will launch the beginning of next year. There’s more to come from Glamsquad as we get through 2019.”

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