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Glossier Furloughs Retail Employees Due to COVID-19

Emily Weiss announced the news in a company blog post.

Glossier is furloughing its retail employees in New York City, Los Angeles and London beginning June 1.

The company temporarily closed its stores due to the coronavirus on March 13. At the time, chief executive officer Emily Weiss wrote in a company blog post that Glossier would continue to compensate its retail employees. Weiss renewed that commitment weeks later as COVID-19 developed.

Now, with L.A. lockdown orders extended through July, and New York City on lockdown for at least two more weeks, Glossier will no longer compensate retail employees beyond May 31. The company will cover employee benefits, including health care, through the end of August.

“At Glossier, we were among the first to close our retail locations to support public health, and we now believe we’ll be among the last to reopen,” Weiss wrote on May 18 via blog.

“Since day one, we’ve been a digital-first company, and even in ‘normal’ times, the vast majority of our sales happen online,” she continued. “That doesn’t diminish the role of retail: it elevates it. As shopping for beauty online becomes the norm — and this period is certainly accelerating that trend — retail gets to be about so much more than just procurement: it’s about human connection. We’ve always been building for this world, and this moment only deepens our resolve.”

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