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Hair Care Searches Soar at Sephora, Ulta

Searches for hair care at the two leading specialty beauty retailers have grown double-digits in the past year, data from Spate shows.

Beauty’s largest specialty retailer is winning in beauty’s hottest category.

According to data from Spate, hair care searches associated with Ulta Beauty are at a monthly volume of 183,500, driven largely by its professional services. By contrast, hair care searches associated with competitor Sephora sit around 42,200 on a monthly basis.

Both numbers, however, are double-digit increases over last year.

“We’re seeing growth at Sephora and Ulta,” said Yarden Horwitz, cofounder of Spate. “Places like Amazon, Walmart and Target are starting to decline.”

Although consumers are turning to specialty retail for hair care, Horwitz added that the most searched brands for each are virtually the same, with Olaplex, Dyson and Moroccanoil taking the top slots.

“What’s interesting is with other retailers, it’s a lot of Rogaine, Nutrafol and Viviscal, centered around hair loss,” she said. “There is an opportunity for a trendy brand to create the new, cool version of Rogaine.”

Here, the top searched topics and brands at each retailer, ranked by search volume.

Ulta Beauty

Top Topics:

Hair salon – 62,600
Shampoo – 23,600
Hair dryer – 6,600
Hair straightener – 5,100

Top Brands:

Olaplex – 14,200
Dyson – 4,500
Moroccanoil – 2,400
Chi – 2,100


Top Topics:

Shampoo – 3,300
Curling wand – 3,200
Hair dryer – 1,900
Dry shampoo – 1,400

Top Brands:

Olaplex – 14,500
Dyson – 4,000
Moroccanoil – 2,400
Oribe – 1,400

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