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Harry Slatkin to Launch Homeworx on QVC

The home fragrance veteran has a new venture.

Harry Slatkin is back at it.

The home fragrance veteran — he and wife Laura Slatkin sold their first luxury home fragrance company Slatkin & Co. to Limited Brands in 2005 — has a new venture called Homeworx by Harry Slatkin.

Slated to launch on QVC on July 25, Homeworx is a line of seasonal scented candles and other home fragrance items, including melts, plug-ins and diffusers.

After stepping away from Blyth Inc., the home fragrance manufacturing company Slatkin bought in conjunction with the Carlyle Group last year, Slatkin told WWD he was having a “rocking-chair moment.” He wasn’t sure what his next step was, but when QVC approached him to do a candle line, he jumped at the opportunity.

“I told [QVC] I wanted to do something I’d never done before,” said Slatkin. “All the products I designed are things I would use in my own home.”

The first collection is a line of seasonal scents centered on the winter holidays, including Deliciously Apple, Hot Cider Donut, Frozen Balsam and Winter Fireside. A set of two three-wick 18-oz. candles is priced at $47.75.

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“I create scent to create a mood,” said Slatkin. “It’s like a movie. I use the best perfume houses and I don’t compromise on cost. When you’re burning my candles, they keep moving. You don’t smell the same notes twice.”

Slatkin is looking forward to connecting directly with the consumer on QVC.

“The reason I’m doing this is because I get e-mails and posts on my Instagram, [saying] ‘When are you coming back to home fragrance? We miss you,’” said Slatkin. “And this fits into my lifestyle — it’s my own business and I can make every decision I want to.”

Slatkin noted Homeworx is likely to roll out internationally with QVC, and is looking at the U.K., Germany and Italy as the first international markets.