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Heath Ceramics and Etta + Billie Partner on Soap

Two California brands come together to create a California-inspired soap.

Known for making dining products, Heath Ceramics has linked with natural bath and body care brand Etta + Billie to enhance the way its customers wash up before and after meals.

Available April 1, Etta + Billie’s $12 limited-edition grapefruit, sage and sea salt soap bar for Heath Ceramics will be sold at the tableware brand’s Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. The soap evokes hallmarks of California, which both collaborators call home, including its coastline, deserts and citrus groves.

“Heath has amazing staying power. Everything they create is timeless, and they really respect and value handcrafted things made with care and skill,” said Etta + Billie founder Alana Rivera. “That’s a big value for me. How we craft things is so incredibly important. The quality of the products and the nod to timelessness is something that I see as part of my brand as well.”

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Etta + Billie has partnered with several companies, notably tea blender T-We, craft beer purveyor Speakeasy Ales & Lagers and coffee roaster Ritual Coffee, preceding Heath, but Rivera said Heath was more specific than previous collaborators on its goals for the result of the collaboration. Heath wanted the soap’s orange color to match prominent colors in its seasonal collection.

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Rivera was given a wider berth to determine the scent of the soap. “The first note that you will probably pick up is the grapefruit. Then, there will be a contrast with the sage that’s like a desert mountaintop. There are different layers that are really beautiful,” Rivera said. “The combination is really edible to me, too. It may bring up a fresh salad with grapefruit and herbs.”

Etta + Billie’s soaps are cold-pressed in small batches. Rivera defines small batches as production runs of fewer than 500 units. “Small batch means you are not using a bunch of machinery. Everything takes time, and human contact is a part of the process,” she said.

Launched in 2009, Etta + Billie is now carried at 120 stores nationwide. Its products span six categories: bar soaps, body scrub, body lotion, skin balm, body oil and lip balm. Prices range from $7 to $35.