NIGHT OWLS: “I’ve always been really drawn to anything that has to do with scents because of the way they bring back such strong memories in my head,” said Helena Christensen, who co-hosted a dinner in London night to launch the eau de parfum for her Deadofnight oud-based oil scent. “It’s an instant thing, I pass pine trees and I’m right back at my grandparents’ house – instantly. There isn’t even a second’s delay.”

The model came up with the name because she would lie awake thinking about it at night. “It reminded me of something dark and mysterious, so I thought of poets from the 18th and 19th centuries, Edgar Allan Poe, that whole dark writing, the raven, the blackness,” she said, adding that it’s about middle of the night, “complete stillness where the only thing you can hear is your own breathing.”

She said her favorite part of the creation process was spending time in the laboratory with Christophe Laudamiel, the nose, who put top notes of green foliage and vanilla, blended with rose, damascenone, and a fiery distillate of ginger. At the heart is oud balanced with jasmine, rose and spices, and it finishes with base notes including oud, patchouli, musk, amber and vanilla, sandalwood, incense, cedarwood, and wolfwood.

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Christensen hosted the dinner Thursday night at Blixen in east London with her business partner, the entrepreneur Elizabeth Gaynes. Christensen is also the creative director of Strange Love NYC, Gaynes’ artisanal perfume business. Gaynes runs a sustainable patchouli plantation in Borneo and has established an exclusive supply deal with Swiss fragrance manufacturer Givaudan.

Christensen also designed the gold pendant necklace that holds 1.25ml of the Deadofnight oil. “We’ve talked about going to the plantation and shooting the process from beginning to end. Literally documenting the trip of this tiny little bottle until it ends up between our boobs,” she said.

The Deadofnight eau de parfum will be available at Harrods from July, and at, for $450 for 50ml and $730 for 100ml.