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HigherDose Enters the Supplement Game

HigherDose's new magnesium-based ingestibles are the latest addition to the brand's fledgling CPG business.

HigherDose’s latest launch seeks to empower consumers to take control of their wellness regimens.

The holistic wellness brand and infrared sauna outpost is launching its first supplements, a trio of magnesium-based ingestibles that each deliver the essential mineral in a different format.

“There has been a clear indication for us that people are wanting more resources, products and tools that help them feel good on a day-to-day basis,” said HigherDose co-chief executive officer Lauren Berlingeri, who founded the company alongside Katie Kaps in 2016, of why the pair sought to foray into ingestibles. 

“Magnesium is responsible for over 300 very important functions within the body, like detoxification, sleep, relaxation, mood, balancing hormones pretty much all the main reasons why people come to HigherDose in the first place,” she continued, noting that a majority of Americans are deficient in the mineral. 

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The supplement line includes Detox Drops, which retail for $29, and High-dration Powder and Chill Chews, which each retail for $39. 

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The Detox Drops combine magnesium with chlorophyll, milk thistle and beetroot to support liver health, while the Chill Chews are formulated with amino acid L-theanine and an adaptogen blend of lion’s mane, turkey tail, ashwagandha and rhodiola, intended to promote relaxation and decrease stress. 

The High-dration Powder is a single-serve powder that incorporates marine multimineral complex aquamin, coconut water powder and watermelon juice meant to bolster the benefits of magnesium, which is also an electrolyte. 

“The beauty space is a challenging one,” Berlingeri said. “A lot of manufacturers are used to creating products that may have ingredients in there that we don’t really love or agree with, so the challenge has really been pushing manufacturers to do something outside of their comfort zone to create products that don’t exist currently in the market.”

This launch marks the latest development in the infrared-tech brand’s ongoing shift toward becoming a product-forward company, a goal it embarked upon following its abrupt spa closures upon the outset of the pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit, we were mainly a location-based business, and we were forced to close all 11 locations overnight,” Berlingeri said. “That was a big wake up call for us.”

Since then, HigherDose has launched several at-home wellness-tech products, including a Red Light Face Mask, Infrared PEMF Mat, and, of course, the Infrared Sauna Blanket, which has propelled the brand’s e-commerce side to new heights. WWD previously reported that at the height of their popularity, the blankets comprised between 90 to 95 percent of the brand’s business. 

According to Berlingeri, the direct-to-consumer arm of the business was growing at 400 percent during the pandemic, while the spa business was comparatively growing at 25 percent. Collectively, the company estimates its compounded annual growth rate from 2016 to 2022 is 118 percent. 

While this batch of supplements are all designed for oral consumption, the brand sees transdermal absorption as its next frontier, and is planning to launch a topical magnesium line in September, which will include magnesium-infused bath soap and soaks.  

“Traditionally people have always taken magnesium into the gut,” Berlingeri said. “But a lot of people have gut issues, so there’s going to be this trend in wellness around transdermal magnesium and transdermal supplements in general.”

Earlier this year, HigherDose launched a web series called “BioHack-hers,” in which Berlingi and Kaps explore trends in biohacking, a form of self-experimentation with the aim of improve one’s health through diet and lifestyle changes, and is largely a male-dominated space.

“That’s definitely been, I would say, our passion project,” Berlingeri said of the series. “It’s been really awesome because we get to discover and try out all sorts of different things that we maybe wouldn’t have in our past, and this helps us give us insight into what kind of products we should be launching in the future.”