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How Creator-led TikTok Content Drives Beauty Brand Awareness

Brands winning on the platform are eschewing sponsored content on their own channels, instead favoring enlisted creators.

Creator-led content is king on TikTok, new data shows.

According to Tribe Dynamics, brands that favor creator-led content topped the firm’s EMV rankings on the social media site for the month of October.

In order to adapt to the fast-growing platform, top brands’ winning strategies are veering away from more straightforward sponsored content in favor of giving creators free rein. “The style of the content is vastly different from other platforms,” said Conor Begley, cofounder of Tribe Dynamics. “If I’m a brand and I have a TikTok account of my own, it’s much harder to be funny and interesting.”

To that end, Benefit Cosmetics exemplifies TikTok’s potential with nearly a third of its overall EMV coming from the platform. Creators’ highest penetrating videos included the brand’s #BenefitOfBrows hashtag on their posts. “TikTok is the most exciting [platform] and it’s growing the fastest,” Begley said. “It doesn’t lend itself quite as well to branded content, but clearly, there is a ton of coverage.”

Here, the top 10 beauty brands for the month of October, ranked by EMV on TikTok.

  1. Benefit Cosmetics – $10,036,518
  2. L’Oréal Paris – $2,365,125
  3. ColourPop – $1,943,819
  4. Morphe – $1,868,146
  5. Revolution Beauty – $1,546,564
  6. NYX Professional Makeup – $1,457,793
  7. Maybelline New York – $1,234,221
  8. RoC Skincare – $1,143,883
  9. Paula’s Choice – $1,008,626
  10. Kylie Cosmetics – $994, 888.

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