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I-On Skincare Rethinks the Anti-Oxidation

The brand, which has the backing of several industry veterans, features proprietary iron-neutralizing technology.

A new skin care brand has recruited a list of industry heavyweights to bring its proprietary technology to market.

I-On Skincare, founded by Dr. Xi Huang, has built a pre-launch team consisting of chief executive officer Missy Godfrey (formerly of SpaFinder Wellness and SocialFlow), lead adviser Joe Gubernick (formerly head of research and development, global chief marketing officer at Estée Lauder), and lead adviser Jean Zimmerman (former executive vice president of Chanel Beauty).

I-On Skincare launches on March 15 on its website. It will debut with two stockkeeping units, its Age Disrupting Skin Cream, and its Age Disrupting Total Performance Eye Cream. Prices range from $80 to $125. Industry sources estimate retail sales to surpass $1 million in its first 12 months on the market.

The brand features proprietary technology developed by Huang, called De-Ironizing Inducer Technology, which aims to remove and neutralize various forms of iron found in the skin. It is a blend of vitamin C, used to draw out iron, and pearl powder, meant to neutralizes it. ”Iron is known for producing free radicals, and it’s the most abundant metal in the body,” he said.

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The brand’s products are targeted for postmenopausal women, who generally see a 40 percent increase in iron accumulation in their bodies. They also have more buying power. “We’re focused on ages 45 and up, with a household income of $100,000. Yet, we know the younger user wants this product as well,” Godfrey said.

The reduction of free radicals can aid in myriad skin concerns, but especially helps with product efficacy. “We took very strong peptides, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, and hyaluronic acid. Because users are not creating the free radicals on a continuous basis that they usually would, the hyaluronic acid is going to be that much more effective because hyaluronic acid breaks down in U.V. light,” said Gubernick.

In the clinical studies conducted by the brand, 100 percent of participants agreed they had “softer and more hydrated” skin. Eighty-four percent said they had reduced fine lines in the mouth area, and 77 percent said the same for the eye area.

The brand has a robust lineup of products “A bit later this year, we’ll have our skin emulsion, a lightweight version of the skin cream, as well as a cleanser. In the pipeline, we have a serum and some SPF products,” Godfrey said.

Sampling is a key piece of the brand’s go-to-market strategy, and deluxe samples are currently available on the brand’s website. “We felt the sooner we could get something into consumer’s hands, to see how the everyday consumer reacted to this, the more insights we would have for rolling out and scaling this product,” Godfrey said. “We’re also doing some in-person distribution with luxury partners, such as the Montage.”

“Sampling and trying the product is critical to conversion,” said Zimmerman.

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