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International Flavors & Fragrances Surpasses 2020 Sustainability Goals

The company has achieved its goals in water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste.

International Flavors & Fragrances has already achieved its sustainability goals prior to its 2020 deadline.

In its 2017 sustainability report, the company stated that it has surpassed its 2020 goals in water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste, among others.

“Like all my colleagues at IFF, I am personally and deeply passionate about doing the right thing for the environment and for the future of our planet,” said Andreas Fibig, IFF chairman and chief executive officer. “Embedding sustainable principles at every level of the organization and throughout our value chain is how we feel we can best contribute to our goals.”

IFF’s 2020 sustainability goals were to reduce water usage by 50 percent, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent and reduce hazardous waste by 25 percent. The company surpassed these goals by reducing water usage by 68.2 percent, greenhouse gas emissions by 33.8 percent and hazardous waste by 42.1 percent. It is also close to achieving its goal of reducing energy usage by 20 percent with 18.6 percent.

“We are fortunate to have teams who relish the opportunity to make their mark and help the world be a better place for their colleagues, communities and their children,” said Kip Cleverley, vice president of global sustainability at IFF. “They know that there is a bigger benefit to a job extraordinarily well done.”

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The sustainability report also states IFF has supported mint farming communities through sponsorship of three READ centers in India, which help empower women and girls through literacy and vocational training, attained the industry’s first GreenCircle LLC Zero Waste to Landfill certification for its South Brunswick, N.J. flavors facility and launched a global diversity and inclusion initiative within the company.