attends the Bulgari launch of new fragrance "Goldea, The Roman Night" on September 6, 2017 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

New York Fashion Week has become an intersection of sorts for fashion and beauty, as more and more beauty companies choose to host parties and events coinciding with the fashion shows — and on Wednesday night at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, Bella Hadid was holding court.

The young model was in town for fashion week — she’ll be walking a slew of shows — almost “all of them” by her account, and then it’s on to London, Paris and Milan. But first, it was the launch party for U.S. debut of Bulgari’s latest fragrance, Goldea the Roman Night, for which Hadid is the face. The mulberry and black-peony-infused fragrance — the third in the Goldea franchise, is aimed at a younger clientele, specifically Millennials. The jewelry firm unveiled the fragrance and its young face in May with a lavish event, featuring Hadid, at the 19th-century palazzo Casina Valadier.

“Our first [event] was at the Spanish Steps in Rome, which was one of the best experiences of my life,” Hadid said. “I’m excited to take it to New York — a lot of my best friends are here, which makes it so much more like family to me.”

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Hadid said she didn’t expect to score a fragrance campaign so early on in her career. “It’s still shocking to me,” the 20-year-old said. “But here we are.”

WWD caught up with Hadid at the Goldea Roman Night party, where she talked her beauty routine; her love of Instagram, where she has 14.7 million followers; her retro style icons, and the top-secret spot where she goes to relax.

WWD: What’s your beauty routine like?

Bella Hadid: I love essential oils so I keep my essential oils on me all the time. Waking up, I keep it very simple, a little bit of concealer under the eye, something to moisten up my face and go — a little rosy-gold blush and that’s it.

WWD: What is your biggest beauty indulgence?

B.H: I love massages and acupuncture. I go to a little place on 14th Street for massages, but I’m not telling you where it is…then it won’t be my place anymore.

WWD: What is your preferred social media platform?

B.H: Twitter is really good for using a platform and saying things, [but] I love photos and seeing photography [on Instagram]. I love seeing where people are — that’s my favorite thing. I want to go to Egypt now because I saw this photo [from someone] on Instagram.

WWD: What’s the first platform you check in the morning and the last you check at night?

B.H: Instagram and Instagram — I check it morning and night.

WWD: How do you decide what to share on social media?

B.H: It really depends — a lot of the time I trust too much and I’ll put things out that sometimes [are] too much, or I’ll go on a spree of posting things. I really care a lot about politics and the world and kids and sometimes if you share that, it’s going to be a debacle and cause a stir. I definitely have to be very cautious about what I post about. But if I feel very [strongly] about it, I don’t really mind, especially with what’s going on recently.”

WWD: Who do you look to for style and beauty inspiration?

B.H: I think it really depends — sometimes I’ll wear things that people are, like, “You’re psychotic — why are you wearing that?”…if I could come out in a skirt suit every day, I would. I love Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana — ugh, she’s my number one. She always had this thing where she would [cover] her cleavage [when she was getting out of a car] — I’m going to start doing that.