Simon Doonan and Jacquie Tractenberg at the opening of The Studio.

As he surveyed the crowd of more than 150 top influencers assembled at The Studio, an interactive space he helped create for Tractenberg & Co., Simon Doonan pointed to the mascara sculpture, which serves as a centerpiece of the room.

“The last time I did a mascara, it was for Barney’s with Tammy Faye Baker,” recalled Doonan of the window display playing off Baker’s famous lashes from the late Eighties. He acknowledged that was a different day when consumers’ primary inspiration was from print or television.

Fast-forward to 2016 and the power has transferred to influencers who use social media to directly speak to shoppers. The impact of influencers hasn’t been lost on Doonan who, along with Jonathan Adler, created a home away from home showroom where brands can tell their story to social media stars. “It’s genius,” added Doonan. It is expected The Studio will be a popular hangout during major events such as New York Fashion Week.

Among those in attendance at the opening of the space on Dec. 6 were Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, Maryam Maquillage, Isabel Bedoya, Lainey Hedeya known for, Caila Quinn of and Lauryn Evarts, creator of The Skinny Confidential.

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Stylist Harry Josh and makeup artists Sam Fine and Brigitte Reiss-Anderson also were guests at the debut. Ian Ginsberg, president of C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries, came to see the space in action, noting he believes it provides influencers with an intimate space to help show the Bigelow unique point of difference.

Tractenberg founder Jacquie Tractenberg, welcomed the influencers and toured the area which includes vignettes for the company’s major brands it represents including special closets for apparel.

The space will be themed seasonally and Doonan said he’s already working on Valentine’s Day. The Studio is thought to be the first of its kind. It helps provide an environment for influencers to not only learn about new items, but to shoot them in an attractively designed environment.