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Influenster Survey Finds 24% of Shoppers Won’t Return to In-Store Beauty Buying

The platform surveyed over 3,000 of its community members on their beauty buying habits and necessities.

Recent surveys from Influenster show that some consumers aren’t rushing back to buy beauty in stores.

The product discovery platform said 24 percent of recent survey respondents said they will not return to buying beauty products in-store. When asked if brands stopped product testing as a safety measure, that figure rose to 30 percent.

Respondents wanted to see single-dose sampling, complimentary hand sanitizers, touch-free payment, and prohibiting returns when stores reopen.

Influenster tapped its network of reviewers to get a better sense of consumer habits as stores reopen. Taken over the courses of May 15 to May 21 and May 22 to May 29, the surveys saw responses from 1,800 and 1,290 of Influenster’s community members, respectively.

Hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic but seeing a resurgence amidst the holidays, 69 percent of respondents said they were now using fragrance, with 35 percent citing fragrance’s mood-lifting attributes and 30 percent wanting to maintain a sense of normalcy.

In hair, 54 percent of respondents are styling, with 57 percent using hair serum and 53 percent using dry shampoo. Washing habits, by and large, have remained unchanged throughout the pandemic.

Makeup habits remain pared down. A majority of respondents — 57 percent — are consistently wearing less makeup, with 8 percent wearing more. About 22 percent are wearing the same amount of makeup, and 21 percent are wearing none at all. Lip balm is considered a necessity by 62 percent of respondents, and 50 percent said the same of mascara. Foundation, concealer and eyeliner were considered essential by 41, 37, and 25 percent of respondents, respectively.

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