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Instagram Releases Digital Fashion and Beauty Zine

Counting nine pages, the zine highlights what is trending on Instagram in fashion and beauty, as well as emerging creators to follow.

Instagram is highlighting emerging creators and trends in a digital zine called “Instagram Insider.”

Facebook unveiled the inaugural issue of “Instagram Insider” today in a virtual Q&A Zoom between Eva Chen, vice president of fashion and shopping partnerships at Instagram, and Kristen Noel Crawley, founder of KNC Beauty.

“Instagram Insider” will be made available to the public via Instagram’s blog. A copy was shared with WWD prior to the event.

“We have a team at Instagram that is working with everyone from creators [to] entrepreneurs,” Chen said. “The inspiration behind [the zine] was to take all of the behind-the-scenes info that we see, whether it’s a trend like psychedelia, crafting, shopping, sustainably — not a trend anymore, but there’s new ways to do it — as well as the new skin-fluence[r], which we think is gender-neutral and often male-driven.”

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Instagram’s Shop team is responsible for the creation of the zine. Counting nine pages, the zine highlights what is trending on Instagram in fashion and beauty, as well as emerging creators to follow.

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According to Instagram’s “Community Lab” team, the top trends in fashion and beauty are arts and crafts, psychedelia, stick-on beauty and skin-fluencers.

Larissa Gargaro, Brooke Ozaydinli, Dennis Todisco, Besidone Amoruwa, Ajaa Long, Jenna Gottlieb and Elisa Benson — all of whom work at Instagram — are listed as contributors to the zine.

As editors often do at traditional, consumer-facing magazines, Instagram’s zine “contributors” offer their “picks” for who to follow on the app.

In “Streetwear Corner,” Todisco, strategic partner manager, predicts what is next in streetwear.

“Vintage continues to gain traction not only for its economic and environmental benefits, but also for its unique properties and scarcity,” he writes.

Amoruwa, Instagram’s strategic partner manager, shares her take on “inner beauty,” as well as her picks for which creators to follow on Reels.

What does inner beauty moving outside mean for this season’s trends? I think it’s that the natural look is here to stay even as people venture outdoors,” Amoruwa writes.

There is also an “Ask Elisa” section in which Benson, strategic partner manager, answers questions from users about how to get verified, how hashtags work and whether Instagram is removing like counts. To the last of these, the answer is no — at least not yet.

Instagram is, however, testing out a new feature called “Hidden Words.” The feature will allow users to hide certain words in their direct messages, in an effort to keep DMs “safer,” Chen said.

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