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Intercos Returns to Roots

Prisma Shine, a new powder technology said to give pure, luminous color, was the star of the annual trend forecast.

MILAN — Intercos’ annual trend forecast as always was a three-dimensional, multisensorial highlight melding art, color and cosmetics technology.

Compared with 2010, this year’s view was drenched with vibrant hues. The theme of the show equated innovation with revolution.

It was divided into three aspects: The “individualist,” who wants to express herself through color, as exemplified by exclusive technologies and intense pigments. Perfection and speed are key for the “connectionist.” Here, a patented technology called Intercos Shine offers 24-hour staying power thanks to a long-wearing polymer. Meantime, the “sensationalist” takes time to indulge. That segment of the presentation put a spotlight on high-tech treatments with feel-good textures, such as fresh-to-the-touch products like gels and silky finishes.

The star of this year’s show was Prisma Shine, a new Intercos powder technology said to give pure, luminous color. The product leaves such a thin film on skin that — despite the intensity of the pigment — the sum effect is subtle.

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“It will blend in with your skin and illuminate it,” said Madina Ferrari, Intercos creative director.

With Prisma Shine, compacts containing three-dimension powder are possible. Prisma Shine was given its trial run in the Madina Milano store and in a collection for Kiko, the popular-priced Italian makeup brand.

“It’s bringing new consumers to the color sphere,” said Ferrari.

Four trendsetting colors cherry-picked for 2012 were “divine blue,” “freestyle orange,” “diabolic red” and “ultra violet.” The hues reverberated with references to artists such as Donald Judd, Alberto Burri and Yayoi Kusama.