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Introducing Aeir, a Bioengineered Luxury Fragrance Brand

The brand, which uses bioengineering techniques to forgo natural extraction for its fragrances, will launch its discovery set on Sept. 29, with full sizes to follow in October.

Aeir, a new luxury fragrance brand that joins technology with sustainability, aims to usher in a new era in the world of fragrance. 

Founded by Jana Bobosikova and Tesla and Rimowa alums Rodrigo Caula and Enrico Pietra, respectively, Aeir launches its Mini Fragrance Discovery Set, $69, online on Sept. 29 and at Neiman Marcus in November . 

The discovery set features the brand’s four debut scents — Wet Stone, Grand Rose, Suede and Virgin Olive — while full sizes will follow in October, all encased in refillable aluminum containers. The full-size encased fragrances retail for $180 each, while subsequent refills cost $120.

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Rather than extracting natural materials for the development of its fragrances, Aeir has implemented bioengineered formulations that mimic notes the brand is trying to replicate, such as palo santo, sandalwood and rose, without depleting natural resources.

“Trees are functional — they’re not there for us to cut them down just to create [fragrance] oils and then disappear,” said Caula, noting that sandalwood and palo santo trees are most ripe for oil extraction upon maturation, which is usually decades into their lifespan. 

“If you think about that in the context of the high volumes that these massive perfume brands are cranking out, they have to be chopping down a lot of trees to get the pure scent profile they’re after, and these aren’t trees that are growing back after one year,” Caula said. 

Another benefit of Aeir’s synthetic, water-free formulations is the brand’s ability to create scents that otherwise are not naturally occurring.

“With Grand Rose, for instance, it’s very smoky, very powdery, a little bit dusty, and with the use of the biosynthetic rose, you start to bring to life this new profile and this new character that you wouldn’t normally be able to create using nature,” Caula said. 

Virgin Olive melds notes of oak, terracotta and cannabis, while Suede combines leather, bergamot and velvet plum and Wet Stone has a smoky, violet composition. 

The brand also has a Web3-ready membership platform called Aeir ID, which consumers can gain access to for a one-time payment of $69. Through the platform consumers can access exclusive drops and create a personalized refill schedule. 

“We’ve kind of taken a lot of the philosophy of Web3 but kind of baked it into a platform that’s very easy to use, and doesn’t have those high learning curves that are often associated with Web3,” Caula said. 

Aeir ID also features a “Tap to Collect” feature that allows consumers to “tap” their phones using NFC (near-field communication) technology and collect items — whether they be product codes, discounts or collectibles — in their Apple Wallet. 

“It’s almost like a shiny pack of cards you get to unlock,” Caula said of the integration. 

While Aeir is exclusively available direct-to-consumer and at Neiman Marcus until the end of the year, the brand will launch at Violet Gray at the start of 2023, with the brand’s founders hinting a number of other retail partnerships could be on the horizon.

“We believe the next 100 years of fragrance will be defined by this approach, and Aeir is the first company to go out there and prove that there’s a better way to create luxury fragrance,” Bobosikova said. 

The brand’s founders estimate Aeir will do $5 million in first-year sales, and upward of $30 million during its second year on the market. While the brand is focusing on fragrance for the time being, its ultimate goal is to bring its ethos to several different arenas. 

“We imagine Aeir as being the next luxury brand for a new generation,” Caula said. “The ecosystem of products that will fit within our brand, our approach to our carbon footprint, biochemistry and all these different touchpoints will eventually expand throughout different categories.”

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