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Introducing Provence Beauty, Ulta Beauty’s French and Moroccan-inspired Initiate

Launching exclusively at Ulta Beauty and priced at $25 or less, the brand incorporates classic French beauty ingredients in a modern, accessible form.

A Los Angeles native with French and Moroccan heritage, Jeremy Abesera embodies the very amalgamation that defines his skin care line, Provence Beauty

Launching direct-to-consumer and exclusively at Ulta Beauty this month, the brand combines French beauty practices — which have long drawn intrigue from around the world — with Gen-Z friendly messaging and pricing. 

“I wanted to make a French beauty brand that appeals to the new generation, and is effective yet doesn’t feel so serious and unattainable,” said Abesera, who isn’t the first of his family to bring French beauty Stateside; growing up, his father and uncles operated a New York City-based business producing French green clay soaps. 

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“It was a very traditional, old school French-style brand — your grandmother and mother liked it, but working in the business as a kid, I saw that they weren’t able to grab that younger audience. With Provence, I wanted to change things up,” Abesera said. 

With all products priced at $25 or less, Provence Beauty debuts with an array of vegan cleansers, four serums, a sugar plum toner, moisturizing face and eye creams and a detoxifying clay mask

It’s the formulations that take center stage, though: the brand’s proprietary Provençal Ingredient Complex features classic French skin care staples such as plum, apricot and pine bark, which are combined with trending ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C and ashwagandha. 

“They’re formulas that are meant to transform skin but are also bright, punchy and fun — a departure from the classic French pharmacy brands and more representative of what younger shoppers want,” said Abesera.   

While Abesera did not comment on sales expectations for the brand, industry sources estimate Provence Beauty could do over $10 million in sales in 2023.

The brand will inaugurate its exclusive two-year partnership with Ulta during the retailer’s Love Your Skin event, rolling out to its stores and online during the 21-day promotion, which provides Ulta shoppers with a rotation of sales and deals through Jan. 21.

“We were very intrigued by the efficacy of [Provence Beauty’s] ingredients, as well as the modern approach to classic French formulas the brand offers,” wrote Ulta’s vice president of merchandising, Penny Coy, in an email. “We know how important conscious beauty is to our guests, which is another reason Provence Beauty is a great fit within our masstige skin care assortment.” 

While Provence Beauty and its range of products are new to the market, Abesera helmed a brand of the same name from 2012 through 2022, which offered not just skin care but a range of body and hair care products as well. 

Deciding to preserve the name for his new brand launch — which Abesera says isn’t a rebrand but rather a 2.0, or second life, for Provence Beauty — the founder is realizing his initial vision for the company. 

“It’s a completely new brand — all of the products, formulas, packaging — even the logo. The name meant a lot to me, so I decided to keep it,” Abesera said. “This [new version of] Provence Beauty has been what I wanted from day one, it just took a little bit more time and capital to get to this point.” 

While production has ceased on the old Provence Beauty products, the remaining stock is available to shop under the “outlet” section of the brand’s website and on Amazon, where the brand has built a cult-like customer base over the years. 

As for Provence Beauty’s second iteration, Abesera has his sights set firmly on the skin care category for now. 

“I started with skin care because that’s what speaks to me the most,” he said. “I can see us expanding down the line to other categories, but we would maintain that same mindset of keeping [the regimen] tight; just offering people what they need, while making it effective and light.”