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Jackie Aina Launches Lifestyle Company, Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood launches Aug. 10 with a collection of candles.

Jackie Aina is launching her own company, and no, it’s not beauty — yet.

The beauty content creator has previously collaborated on foundation and makeup with established brands such as Too Faced and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Over the past couple of months, Aina has been sharing content to a separate social media account, Forvr Mood, which is the name of her first company.

Forvr Mood launches online on Aug. 10 with a four-piece collection of coconut wax candles that are free of sulfates and parabens. The initial product offering includes a silk pillowcase and matching headband, with prices ranging from $28 to $49.

Prior to launch, Forvr Mood accumulated a wait list of more than 45,000 people. It sold out of pre-sale inventory within minutes — despite not revealing details of the brand or the product lineup before launch.

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“I love the fact that we decided not to immediately come out and say what we were launching,” Aina told WWD via phone. “A lot of people guessed that we were going to launch candles, which tells me people know what to expect [and] what makes the most sense for me. Some people thought we were launching kombucha, some people thought it was a home decor line. Some people thought it was fashion, but most of the feedback was either wigs or candles.”

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Jackie Aina Forvr Mood
Forvr Mood is meant to be “accessible boujee,” Aina said. Courtesy of Forvr Mood

The scents in Forvr Mood’s debut collection of candles include a lavender and matcha mixture called Matcha Business; a vanilla almond cream-scented Caked Up; Cuffing Season, which features lemon, violet, jasmine and white cedar, and Left on Read, a coconut caramel scent with tropical fruit notes.

The candles are made and poured in California. New scents are expected to release on a quarterly basis.

“If I could, I would launch candles every month. I really would,” Aina said.

Forvr Mood, whose name is meant to reflect “a vibe and aesthetic without really saying that,” is a venture self-funded by Aina that has been in the works since 2018, she said. She plans to expand the company into categories such as fragrance and skin care. Her future makeup line, however, is a separate venture.

“The reason why we decided to [launch with a lifestyle company] is because makeup requires a lot more testing and more standardizing,” Aina said. “There are some products that I’ve been developing for my — hint, hint — future makeup line for almost two years.”

Forvr Mood will launch direct-to-consumer, and Aina is in talks with retail partners.

“People want to be able to touch, feel, smell and that’s extremely important to me,” she said. “That’s part of the experience of trying the candles, so I see that being a long-term or even short-term goal, depending on how well this launch does.”

Though she has prior experience formulating makeup products, candles was a first for the YouTube star. She did, though, find some overlap in the testing process.

“With candles, it’s ‘this is what I like, this is what I don’t like.’ With makeup, sometimes you can try a product not really looking for it and end up loving it,” Aina said. “It’s not quite the same type of testing, but I can definitely form an opinion about a candle way quicker than I can about a makeup product.”

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