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Jeff Koons Partners With Kiehl’s and Saks for National Missing Children’s Month

Koons' "Seated Ballerina" and limited-edition tin for Kiehl’s will benefit The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Jeff Koons’ third art installation for Rockefeller Center, called “Seated Ballerina,” is bringing awareness to National Missing Children’s Month.

“I immediately thought of the [‘Seated Ballerina’] because of the sense of hope and optimism that she projects,” Koons said at a cocktail reception at Saks Fifth Avenue about his installation. “When you look at it you feel it for your own life, but it also brings to mind the hope and aspirations that these missing children have.”

In collaboration with the Art Production Fund, Koons’ installation is a 45-foot-tall inflatable ballerina inspired by a porcelain sculpture he found in Hungary. The installation is meant to convey the sense of hope that children have in order to bring awareness to the roughly 465,000 children that went missing in the U.S. last year.

Along with the installation, Koons also designed a limited-edition tin featuring the ballerina’s face for Kiehl’s, which customers will receive when they purchase from the brand’s Midnight Recovery line exclusively at Saks. Kiehl’s is donating $100,000 from these sales to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

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“Children’s causes and well-being are really near and dear to us,” said Chris Salgardo, president at Kiehl’s, about working with Koons and Saks. “We wanted to do a couple of different approaches because if you’re in New York you can come see the [‘Seated Ballerina’], but we wanted a program where we could do it across the country.”

“We always talk about the new luxury and about getting better all the time,” said Marc Metrick, president at Saks Fifth Avenue, about the initiative. “We want to be a part of what’s happening socially and what’s important to our consumer.”

The limited-edition tin will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and the “Seated Ballerina” installation will be on display in Rockefeller Center until June 2.