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Jillian Wright to Launch Revamped Skin-care Line

The founder of the Indie Beauty Expo is introducing this month her 22-item clean product line with new formulas and packaging.

Jillian Wright is overhauling her clean skin-care line.

The aesthetician and founder of the Indie Beauty Expo has spent the last several years tinkering with new formulations and packaging to fully replace her previous self-named skin-care line. Wright based the product development on interactions with clients at her former skin-care clinic, which she closed this year to focus on the re-branding of the line and her work with Indie Beauty Expo.

Wright, who has always formulated her products to be clean and nontoxic, stressed that she wanted to get away from the “apothecary, crunchy vibe” of her previous packaging. No longer relegated to the personal-care aisles at Whole Foods, natural beauty shoppers, Wright noted, have become more discerning in taste with the rise in prestige lines touting clean products in expensive-looking packaging.

“Rather than speaking to the qualities to be found inside the bottle, I wanted to expand the look and feel to the qualities and emotions my strong women felt in themselves and reached for when making shopping choices,” said Wright of her redesign. “Plus, the market had changed: natural and clean is no longer strictly synonymous with earthy and crunchy.”

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“Natural and clean these days is what the smart consumer wants. It is the height of sophistication,” said Wright. “My ultimate goal was always retail…my message with my first round of packaging emphasized an aesthetic connection to my spa, but I had to address how they’d look on a shelf in a big retail outlet, next to the fashion brands my clients loved.”

A range of 22 new products is set to launch on in late November. They are priced at $20 for the Blemish Buster Spot Treatment to $150 for Premium Reserve, a rich moisturizer for ultra-dry skin. The products have a matte amethyst purple, white and gold color scheme, and are jarred and bottled in glass. The line also includes a $19 mask brush, created in collaboration with The London Brush Company, a contact Wright made at the Indie Beauty Expo. And also for sale is another collaboration with New York-based artist Faith Adams, on a $28 purple ceramic treatment bowl to mix Wright’s signature masks, based on the apothecary bar at her former spa. The Signature Glow and Detox Glow masks, both $50, are dry, clay-based powder treatments meant to be emulsified at home with other items in the line along with purified water, and replicate Wright’s mask bar experience.

Wright formulated her line with a series of organic, preservative-free, fair-trade and GMO-free ingredients. Some products are also gluten-free, vegan or both. One hero product is the Breakout Blocker, a clarifying serum said to clear breakouts and brighten skin with a medley of probiotics, tea tree oil and Chinese herbs. Another is the Vitamin C Brightening Powder, $75, a booster powder containing antibacterial cranberry to be added to serums and moisturizers to help firm and brighten skin. The Coconut Cleanser, $72 for 8 ounces, formulated with coconut and honey, is meant to be a nourishing cleanser and makeup remover for all skin types. The Transcendence Facial Oil, $65 for two ounces and $240 for eight ounces, is formulated with grapeseed, avocado, macadamia, jojoba and noni oils. It can be used on body and hair as well.

Along with the product revamp is a redesigned e-commerce web site with a sleeker, minimalist vibe.

“My products…reflect all my knowledge of what is good and safe for your skin,” noted Wright, who plans to expand retail distribution in 2017. “The look [now] is identifiable, beautiful and simple. It speaks to my personal involvement in skin care, and to the elegance of the formulas within.”