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Joey New York Partners to Open One-Stop Injectables Shop

The concept, called The Labb, offers Botox, Restylane and other treatments, and plans to expand nationally.

The Drybar of injectables has opened its doors and is poised for expansion.

The Labb, a one-stop shop for fillers and Botox, has opened its first location in South Beach, Fla., and has a second in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., slated to open in September.

The Labb is the brainchild of Joey Chancis, chief executive officer of Joey New York Inc., and Danielle Smith, a nurse practitioner and ceo of 4BG LLC. The two formed a bond while Smith was working in the office of Miami plastic surgeon Leonard Hochstein, the husband of Bravo’s “Real Housewife of Miami” Lisa Hochstein. Smith handled Chancis’ procedures.

“It was the first time I ever had a nurse practitioner inject me,” Chancis said. “She did an amazing job and it was at a great price and I became a regular patient of hers.”

“She’s very business savvy,” Chancis continued. “She knew I had taken Joey New York public and I was looking to do some acquisitions or joint ventures.”

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At the same time, Chancis felt injectables were becoming more and more mainstream. “Joey New York was really famous for being the first to make products that were instant-gratification and one-minute treatments. We had products that I formulated as topicals to basically do what injectables do now. This was all before Botox and dermal fillers were [Food and Drug Administration] approved,” Chancis said.

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She started in 1993 with products including Super Duper Lips, a lip plumper, and Line Up, a line plumper for smile and forehead lines, which were sold in the prestige beauty channel at Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and Nordstrom.

“It was natural for me to evolve into the injectable beauty business because now through injectables we can get better results than ever before,” Chancis said. “Topicals are great to enhance or extend the life of injectables for in between appointments, but you can’t compare the results.”

So, she partnered with Smith’s 4BG to form a joint venture that would oversee The Labb, which opened its initial outpost in May. Joey owns 51 percent of the JV.

While injectables are widely available through doctor’s offices, the experience at The Labb is different, according to Chancis and Smith. The South Beach location, which is small, is “luxury, minimalistic and chic,” Chancis said. It offers Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Voluma.

Smith’s differentiated injection technique keeps between 90 and 95 percent of customers rebooking appointments, she said, and oftentimes, saves customers money.

Instead of using one syringe of filler to plump smile lines and leaving lines below the lip untouched, which would yield a less desirable result and require customers purchase an addition syringe, she will spread the filler out so that lines in the entire facial region are softened.

“I’ve always been really creative and artistic,” Smith said. “Then, I got my hands on injectables.

“I’d rather take that one syringe, if that’s your budget, and spread it around…so it’s more natural,” Smith said. “I’ve honed my ability to spread the syringe.”

Industry sources estimated that the business could bring in around $3 million annually per chair. The Labb’s South Beach location has one chair, and the Ft. Lauderdale outpost will have two chairs. By the end of 2017, The Labb is slated to have between seven and 10 doors, according to Chancis.

“The plan is to open up additional Labbs throughout the U.S.,” Chancis said. “We’re looking for our next locations to be on the West Coast, this is our next phase.”

The company is looking to open Las Vegas and Southern California Labbs before the end of 2016, with further East Coast plans in 2017.