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Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road Launches Skin Care

The Miracle Cream was modeled after Jones Road's Miracle Balm, which has a wait list of 20,000.

Less than four months after its October launch, Jones Road is expanding into skin care.

“My philosophy is beauty from the inside out,” said Bobbi Brown, Jones Road’s founder. “A lot of people complicate things and try to cover up bad lifestyle habits. I’ve always believed that you don’t need a ton. I don’t want to say there’s no miracle cream, because I made one, but there are no miracles in skin care.”

Jones Road’s Miracle Cream, $38, was the first product created for the brand’s skin care lineup. It was modeled after the Miracle Balm, which has a wait list of 20,000.

“We learned after launch that [breaking the Miracle Balm’s seal] activates the formula,” Brown said. “The Miracle Cream, you have to break the seal and warm it in your hand. It’s for really dry skin.”

Jones Road is also launching an eye cream, an oil stick and a melting balm called Hippie Stick, which was created in partnership with Private Label Select, a manufacturer that specializes in organic personal care products. The stick can be used on the face, body and hair.

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All formulas are “clean” and leave out more than 2,700 potentially toxic ingredients. Prices range from $26 to $38.

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“I’m not one of these companies that [begins formulating] two years early. It’s almost as we’re launching,” Brown said.

The skin care collection will be sold direct-to-consumer. Brown has had discussions with multiple retailers, but said she is not yet ready for partnerships.

“We’re having enough trouble keeping up with the demand,” Brown said. “What’s the rush?”

WWD previously reported that Jones Road would bring in $20 million in retail sales in its first year, according to industry sources. Skin care sales are expected to account for $10 million in retail sales by March 2022, industry sources project.

Brown plans to launch a cleanser — and eventually, body products — while maintaining “a very edited collection” of skin care, she said. Jones Road is ultimately “not a skin-care brand, it’s a beauty brand.”

“We haven’t even launched internationally yet,” Brown said. “Because I have been down this road before, I am not in a giant rush. I am not over-promising. I am doing as much as my little team can handle. I read the Instagrams and my DMs. People are so positive and optimistic. I love the personal touch, so I would like to keep it that way somehow.”

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