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Joya Studio Taps Shantell Martin for New Candles

The candles are dual-scented and feature Martin's artwork on the votives.

Joya Studio has kicked off a partnership with multihyphenate Shantell Martin, in the form of two candles for sale on Joya’s website. Coming in a standard 6.5 oz. size and an extra large 46 oz.-sized artist’s edition with 22-karat white gold accents, the prices range from $48 for the former to $700 for the latter.

The votives of each size are adorned with Martin’s artwork. 

Joya founder Frederick Bouchardy said his mandate for the collaboration was broad. “The idea was to make a scented product that inspires creatives,” he said. “I took that broadly. To inspire creatives could be the aesthetic or non-aesthetic appearance of it, and then, we can use fragrances that literally inspire people to do their best work.”

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To that end, the fragrance features two fragrances layered top-to-bottom, allowing the scents to change as the candle burns. “Fundamentally, it’s a project about the passage of time. We effectively engineered this solution for this design challenge,” Bouchardy said.

The first scent is called “Silk Pajamas” with notes of clary sage, lavender, chamomile, cardamom from Guatemala, geranium, rose blossom, lily, coconut, violet leaf, amber and pale musk. The second, called “Dragon Well,” includes green tea, ocean air, cyclamen, heliotrope, vanilla flower, tuberose, jasmine petals, cedar leaf, amber and sweet musk.

The former is a colored black wax; the latter is undyed. “We’re giving sensory cues,” Bouchardy said. “How do you feel about the time you’ve spent on a project, and is it time to move onto another? The execution is very simple, and it’s beautiful when they melt into each other.”