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Juvena Enters Eye Treatment Arena

Juvena of Switzerland will broaden its focus on skin care this fall by expanding its Juvedical line to include eye treatments.

New York — Juvena of Switzerland will broaden its focus on skin care this fall by expanding its Juvedical line to include eye treatments. The company will also introduce Tinted Deliner facial moisturizer and Body Bust Performance bust-firming gel in collaboration with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Domestically, the company is forecasting these new product launches to generate approximately 12 percent of total 2005 sales, said Nadia Yousif, Juvena of Switzerland’s national brand manager. Yousif would not comment on estimated sales figures, but industry sources expect year-end sales to reach $3 million to $4 million, which translates into $360,000 to $480,000 in sales for the new items.

“We wanted to incorporate [Skin Nova] Technology into an eye product,” Yousif said referring to the technology used in the Juvedical line, which taps into medical skin cell renewal treatments. “It was a natural progression to want to take it to the delicate area of the eye,” she added.

The Juvedical Renewing Eye Serum and Cream will be on counters in October retailing for $94 and $65, respectively, at Bath & Body Works flagships, C.O. Bigelow, Nordstrom, and select boutiques nationwide. The serum will be packaged in a 15-ml. dispenser pump and the cream will be encased in a 15-ml. glass jar.

The Juvedical Renewing Eye Serum can be applied around the eyes as well as on the eyelids, Yousif said, as “it has a hydromolecule-based structure as opposed to other eye products that have lipid-based structures. Lipid bases are just too heavy for this extremely thin area and our serum contains no lipids.”

Containing Skin Nova Technology, the serum aims to reduce eye puffiness and irritation and is designed to renew skin around the eye area, according to Juvena of Switzerland.

“The serum helps to renew skin around the ocular ridge [of the eye] and helps cells renew at a fast rate [resulting in] a smoother, firmer appearance,” Yousif said. “An antiaging component is a natural byproduct.”

Coupled with the serum is the Juvedical Renewing Eye Cream formulated with an oil-in-water emulsion and the Dermo-Membrane Structure — a flat, skin-cell-like structure that penetrates the skin faster than spherical structured creams. It is designed to strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier, moisturize, smooth and firm.

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Both products are fragrance-free and ophthalmology tested and can be used after eye surgery to aid in the treatment of scars. They are suitable for every skin type and age group, and for men as well as women, Yousif added.

Although the serum is designed to go under the cream for optimal results, Juvena of Switzerland does not dictate to consumers that they have to use both products together, Yousif explained. “[Consumers] can use the serum under any other competitor’s product, boosting it at an incredible rate,” she said.

In 2006 Juvena of Switzerland will expand its Juvedical line to the body with a Juvedical Renewing Body Serum and a Juvedical Renewing Body Cream.

“Because of the results we have found with Skin Nova Technology, it was a natural evolution for us to take it from the face and begin to apply it to the body,” Yousif said.

Continuing to focus on eyes, Juvena of Switzerland will in August launch Juvena Q10 Plus Energy Cool Eye, a roll-on gel designed to refresh the eyes and reduce puffiness and dark circles. Juvena Cool Eye will retail for $35 at Bath & Body Works flagship stores nationwide.

Juvena of Switzerland’s Tinted Deliner, a treatment tinted moisturizer containing SPF10 and antiaging defense, will debut in select Nordstrom doors retailing for $55 in the beginning of September. Juvena of Switzerland’s first tinted product comes in two shades — Light Fan and Natural Bronze — and is said to have antiwrinkle properties.

Body Bust Performance, a firming bust gel containing pomegranate extract designed to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce stretch marks, will launch in October. As the latest addition to Juvena of Switzerland’s Body line, it will retail for $40 at Bath & Body Works flagships, C.O. Bigelow, Nordstrom and

With the launch date coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Juvena of Switzerland will donate 10 percent from each sale of Body Bust Performance to breast cancer initiatives throughout the month of October.

“[It’s] the beauty of being in the beauty industry; if you have a product that can relate to a health concern, you want to be able to contribute to that,” Yousif said.