NEW YORK — After seeing her bath and body line surpass sales expectations, Donna Karan is planning to keep up the momentum this spring by adding four more products.

“The bath line has been doing over 30 percent of our fragrance volume,” said Jane Terker, president of the Donna Karan Beauty Co. The industry standard is for a bath or extension line to account for around 15 percent.

“With the additions, we could bring it up to 40 percent,” Terker added. “We think the bath line is standing alone and is actually bringing some people to the fragrance.”

The bath line was launched in September and was unusual for having its own fragrance, rather than being imbued with the Karan signature scent. It was introduced with five items: soap, body cream, body powder, body cleanser and body lotion.

In April, the company will add these products: a 2.5-oz. antiperspirant and deodorant, priced at $15; a 6.7-oz. shampoo and conditioner, $20; a mesh travel bag with miniature-sized items from the line, $100, and a 1.7-oz. Bath and Body Mist, $45. The last is a light version of the bath line fragrance.

Terker said she expected fragrance volume to double this year, as it rolls out from less than 200 doors to 300.

She would not discuss dollar amounts, but sources estimate the fragrance did $20 million at retail in 1993. According to projections, the bath line could generate over $15 million in sales this year.

A print advertising campaign for the bath line, which first ran in fashion magazines in August and doesn’t show any products, will continue to run this year.

As with the existing fragrance and bath items, the additions will be sold in the accessories and hosiery areas of department stores, as well as at the fragrance counter.

“The idea is to stress the image of the company as a whole,” said Terker.

To that end, the company has put together in book form a retrospective of Karan’s various ad campaigns. The $25 book and an accompanying exhibition are currently being shown at department stores, and money generated by book sales will be given to the American Red Cross.

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“We’d like to make a donation in the six-figure range,” said Terker.