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Karine Ohana Hosts ‘Brands With a Mission’ Event

The meeting, a mix of in-person and online attendees, had a green theme.

PARIS — Karine Ohana hosted a meeting, called “Brands With a Mission,” focused on beauty and wellness labels dedicated to a sustainable life, on Friday morning.

The gathering was part of a series of events the Ohana & Co. independent investment bank holds, but this edition marked a first, as it was comprised of a mix of in-person and online attendees and speakers.

Ohana, who runs the bank with her brothers Ariel and Laurent, welcomed guests to the company’s headquarters in Paris from around France and as far afield as Italy, the U.K., Israel and China.

“We felt a need to meet in person, because meeting in person for me is to exchange vibrations, to understand how the other person really feels. People can share concerns, can share feelings,” said Karine Ohana.

While focusing on the health, luxury and media sectors, Ohana & Co., which is based in Paris, New York and Los Angeles, has long forged links with socially responsible ventures.

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“There’s a real world change, and it’s great to be part of it — this transformation,” said Ohana, then referring to the group in the room and appearing on a large screen, she added: “We have a great positive energy.”

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Numerous entrepreneurs presented their companies and strategies to those present, including:

• Justine Hutteau, of Respire, a clean, natural hygiene brand, from France;

• Carole Juge-Llewellyn, of Joone, a clean family-care brand, from France;

• Sophie Allouche, of Kos Paris, a high-end, plant-based skin-care brand, from France;

• Marshall Chen, of S’Young International (formerly Ocean Antelope), a beauty distribution company, from China;

• Laure Bouguen, of Ho Karan, a cannabis-based skin-care brand, from France;

• Carole Tawema, of Karethic, a shea butter-based beauty brand, from France;

• Pauline Bony, of S[aè]ve, a natural skin-care brand, from France;

• Mickael Bensadoun and Michael Azoulay, of Fré, a skin-care range for women who work out, from Israel, and

• Chiara Sormani, of FaceD, a dermocosmetics line, from Italy.