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Kate Moss Talks Fashion, Her Daughter Lila and Makeup Looks in London

Kate Moss, Rimmel's first ambassador and London muse, was speaking here during a press event for the brand.

LONDON — An unusually chatty Kate Moss lifted the veil on her personal life Wednesday afternoon, discussing fashion, makeup looks — and even her teenage daughter Lila Grace Moss-Hack. Moss even admitted she’s been taking beauty advice from the 13-year-old, whose father is Jefferson Hack.

Moss, Rimmel’s first ambassador and London muse, was speaking here during a press event for the brand. The model is often reluctant to talk in public, but that certainly wasn’t the case on Wednesday. Dressed in a green sequin jacket over a black top and skinny black jeans, she chatted as if she was among friends, rather than press.

“She knows how to curl her lashes now and she does her brow,” Moss said. “She tells me off for not doing it: ‘It’s about the shape of the brow’ and I’m like ‘Really?’ She tells me what to do instead of the other way round. She does my makeup sometimes, which is hilarious.” She said she and her daughter often get their nails done together. “Lila is obsessed with makeup now.”

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Moss recalled the first lipstick that she bought for herself. “It was gold!” she said excitedly. “Gold! I don’t know — I was eight or something.” She said she bought the metallic shade at Boots and wore it to a school disco.

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The model spoke about makeup and admitted that keeps her beauty routine low maintenance. “I use more makeup now then I did before,” Moss said. “I didn’t use to wear really that much and I didn’t know how to do makeup, but now I know how to do it a bit more. I can do eyes and makeup in general more. I do like my own lipstick as well.”

She spoke of the makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury as her “go-to girl” for the red carpet. “I don’t usually have it done,” she said. “But if I am going to a red carpet, a friend, Charlotte Tilbury, does it. We just laugh and then I don’t get nervous. It is more like hanging out with my friend.”

Moss was speaking in a room with a walk in wardrobe closet that was filled with her favorite outfits, ranging from a Thea Porter red-and-black floral boho dress, to an emerald green Saint Laurent floor-length gown with tassels to Balmain skinny leather pants with ankle zips, to a black sheer blouse and a pink faux fur wrap.

She pointed to her boho floral dress. “It was a really weird find actually because my neighbor put a note on my door that said ‘I’ve got a Thea Porter do you want it?’” she said. “I was like ‘yes!'” and it fits me perfect because it has that kind of bohemian chic, like going to lunch in the summer, easy and floaty and the nude goes with the floral.”

The model said that while she owns a few pairs of leather trousers, the Balmain ones are her favorites. “They have been re-sewn a few times on the knee caps. You know, whatever, wear and tear.”

Moss admitted that, as a model, she prefers the catwalk as opposed to red carpet which makes her a bit nervous. “I’m happier on the runway than I am on the red carpet,” she said. “Because then I am not being myself. I think on the red carpet it’s a weird like ‘Who am I? Am I me? Am I them?’”

Rimmel, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary, has teamed with the model on special-edition lip colors and an anniversary collection that will launch on July 6. The makeup range includes lasting finish lipstick by Kate, which features six shades such as My Nude, Retro Red, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude, Muse Red, Soho Nude and Idol Red.

The super gel nail polish will be available in three hues: Guilty Pleasure, Boho-licious and Rock ‘n’ Sparkle. Prices range from 5.99 pounds, or $8.79, for a super gel nail polish to 6.49 pounds, or $9.50, for a lasting finish lipstick.

Moss has been the brand’s muse since 2001. She will also front the brand’s latest campaign, shot by Sølve Sundsbø in London.

“She couldn’t be a better ambassador for the brand in London,” said Montserrat Passolas, global marketing vice president. “We have been together since 2001, and she has got the London look. The first print ad the brand did with Kate was in 2001, shot by Terry Richardson for a lipstick that today still exists.

“It was not till 2011 that she launched her first partnership in terms of creating product, which we are also celebrating today. She creates lipsticks and liners, all the things that girls want to get their hands on. She genuinely comes up with names, with the benchmark. She is very meticulous, and we love having those challenges and having her on board because it is authentic and really created with her fashion mind, which is great for the brand.”