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Kate Moss Gets Her Wish to Have Decorté Products Close By

Launched in 1970, the cult Japanese beauty brand is known for fusing Eastern medicine and technologically innovative science into its range of intensive creams and serums.

LONDON — “I need it here please,” said Kate Moss of Decorté’s skin-care and color cosmetics range, which has launched exclusively in the U.K. at Selfridges.

The model, who has been the global face and brand ambassador since 2015, personally pushed for the products to be sold in the U.K. after gifting the products to friends and family over the years. Over the next months, she will take part in a series of promotional events at Selfridges. “I’m so happy that it’s happened so quickly,” she said during a Japanese-themed afternoon tea at The Connaught Hotel to mark the launch of the beauty brand entering the U.K. market.

Starting in 1970, the cult Japanese beauty brand is known for fusing Eastern medicine and technologically innovative science into its range of intensive creams and serums. It is already sold in North America and Asia. Prices range from 52 pounds for the Clean and Pure Foam Wash to 950 pounds for the AQ Meliority intensive cream.

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“Kate has been very supportive of the brand,” said Masanori Kobayashi, managing director of Decorté, part of Kosé Corp. which also owns Infinity Kosé, Astablanc and Fasio. “She’s one of the key reason’s we’re launching in the U.K. She kept asking us, ‘When are we coming to London?’ We feel like London is the financial capital of the world and we’ve always had an interest. So I think this is the most important time. After Asia, we feel that London and New York are the way to go from this point forward. We feel that there’s great potential in the U.K. and we can bring more awareness.”

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While Kobayashi did not disclose sales projections, he said the brand has seen a 30 percent increase in sales in the past year and said the Meliority range is among the brand’s bestsellers. Kobayashi said brand awareness in the U.K. is his main focus, and the company plans to support it with marketing initiatives on social media and a campaign shot by Mario Testino in addition to Moss’ appearances at Selfridges. “The biggest challenge is that while the brand is known throughout Asia, at the moment no one knows us in the U.K.,” said Kobayashi.

Selfridges director of beauty, David Legrand touted the brand’s “future-gazing approach to skin care and color innovation.”

Asked about her daily beauty routine, Moss said she keeps it very simple. “For skin care, I love the Decorté Meliority range. I wash my face with the Repair Foaming wash, which is gentle but super effective at removing all traces of the day, followed by the Intensive cream. My daytime routine is simple, I apply another favorite, Vitality Tincture, it just makes your skin look and feel amazing. I don’t know how, but it just works! I’m obsessed with it.”

Decorté Vitality Tincture
Decorté Vitality Tincture Courtesy Photo

As for her makeup, she uses Soft Powder Foundation and a bit of bronzer to give her skin a glow. “As I spend so much time wearing a lot of make up at work I tend to keep it simple when I’m not,” said Moss. “I love how my skin feels and looks after a weekend in the country with fresh air and lots of rest. I do like to have a facial and massage when I can, and use the Decorté slim and firm masks to hydrate my skin.”