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Kate Upton Releases Wellness Brand, Found Active

The line, out today, developed in collaboration with HatchBeauty Brands.

American model and actress Kate Upton launched a beauty line today in partnership with Found Active, a wellness, cosmetics and skin-care brand.

“Wellness is such a personal space for me,” said Upton. “My personal wellness journey was so important to me ultimately feeling fulfilled and confident and happy in my life. Part of that journey has been through fitness, for my mental health.”

In 2018, she introduced Strong4Me, an at-home fitness platform with her personal trainer Ben Bruno. Venturing into self-care products with Found Active has been a natural extension, she said.

It’s a holistic approach to beauty, created in collaboration with HatchBeauty Brands, a beauty and wellness brand incubator.

“I met with Tracy years and years ago,” Upton said of HatchBeauty Brands founder Tracy Holland. “We were both talking about having a line that’s affordable, that’s natural, that’s accessible for everybody, has a wellness piece and a skin-care piece, so people can feel confident inside their own body, especially at a time where social media is so prevalent and more and more young people are trying to change their appearance to be more like their Facetune selves.”

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Kate Upton
A first look at Kate Upton’s wellness brand, Found Active, a partnership with HatchBeauty Brands. Courtesy

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Using natural ingredients, which are listed on each product, the launch offers two dietary supplement powders (for skin and relaxation, using vitamins C and E) and two gummy supplements (for skin and immune support with vitamins B and D). In skin care, items include a face and body spray, exfoliating face pads and four face serums, while the cosmetics category features a liquid eyeliner that’s formulated with clay. The entire line, available at, costs between $11 and $23.

“All of these things help you live the best, more fulfilled life or they aid you to be able to do that,” said Upton. “Everyone is so busy these days and having that extra energy boost and obviously immune support is so important right now, being able to recover from a long day with your kids or working out or stressful work and having that restful sleep.”