Kerastase Reflection targets color-treated hair.

One of beauty's most prestigious hair care brands is finally addressing the largest group of women visiting salons.

NEW YORK — One of beauty’s most prestigious hair care brands is finally addressing the largest group of women visiting salons.

Kerastase, the superluxurious hair care and in-salon treatment brand under the L’Oreal Professionnel business group, is now launching Reflection, a range that offers an in-salon treatment and at-home products using patented technology to give shine to the 62 percent of women who color their hair.

While the launch may seem overdue — dozens of hair care products targeting women with colored hair crowd the market — Kerastase general manager Frederique Besson explained that Kerastase is not about just bringing something to the shelf.

“We wanted a brand new technology that was different than anything else on the market. We wanted something patented,” Besson said.

She also boasted that Reflection is the biggest launch in the brand’s 41-year history. So far, Reflection, which launched in Europe in October, has spurred Kerastase’s biggest sell-in to salons and record retail sales for salon owners. Reflection is expected to generate $100 million in annual sales for 2005 internationally, according to industry sources, almost one-third of Kerastase’s overall $350 million in sales.

The Fibrionic System, as Kerastase’s patented technology is called, “targets sensitized areas [of hair] to make cuticles smooth and even, and it also contains a protecting agent to protect the hair fiber,” said Besson.

“Reflection is all about smoothing the surface,” continued Christine Banks, marketing director of Kerastase. “It makes each strand even so you get optimal reflection, which goes from one strand to another, called repercussion.”

According to a Reflection training manual issued to stylists, the Fibrionic System is composed of an original ionized micro-polymer with special properties, which weaves a micro-mesh around dry hair to create a mirror-like surface.

The benefits of Reflection are first realized in the salon, after color is applied. That’s when Chroma Perfect, a cleansing treatment, is used on the hair to eliminate residue and increase shine. For home, there’s a shampoo, Bain Miroir, and two conditioning options: Chroma Reflect Radiance-Enhancing Milk and Chroma Reflect Radiance-Enhancing Masque. The Milk is best for fine to medium hair or mildly dry hair. The masque, which can be used daily or on an as-needed basis, is best for medium to thick hair or highly sensitized hair. To protect hair from the sun and its damaging rays, there’s Chroma Protect Protective Polishing Cream, which is applied to and left on towel-dried hair.

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The in-salon treatment costs about $50; the shampoo is $29; the Milk costs $24, and the Masque is $58.

Reflection rolls out to 700 U.S. salons this month. According to industry sources, the line is expected to generate $6 million in sales its first year on U.S. shelves.

Products targeting women with color- treated hair often outsell other products. According to Kerastase, on a regular basis, 51 percent of women purchase treatment products; this compares with the 37 percent of women who don’t color their hair.

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