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Kopari Kicks Off Summer Pop-up

The pop-up opens Saturday in the brand's hometown of San Diego.

Kopari is betting big on SPF this summer, starting with a pop-up.

The San Diego-based brand is kicking off SPF’s biggest season with a pop-up at Westfield UTC. It’s part of a broader effort from the brand to capitalize on the success of Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 50, which has already spawned line extensions and become one of its buzzier products.

“We are on fire right now. We have grown so much in the past year,” said Susan Kim, Kopari’s chief executive officer. “Body SPF is what consumers have been looking for from us, and we delivered on that. We had a limited edition Rose Gold one launch, and the response has been overwhelming.”

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Kim declined to talk numbers, but around the time of the brand’s overhaul in 2021 sales were said to be $30 million at retail, according to industry sources.

The pop-up is just a stone’s throw away from where Kopari was founded in San Diego. “It’s right in our own backyard. We have our community of fellow San Diegans to support it, we can be here to learn and potentially grow on its success,” said Kiana Cabell, cofounder and creative director of Kopari. “With our focus on sun and SPF, it’s a perfect place for it to be.”

The idea is to make it a significant point of sale for the brand in its six-month duration, not just a quick one-off. “It’s not a weekend activation,” Kim said. “I think those are limiting to a certain extent because if you’re not in the area those days, that’s it. We wouldn’t be able to touch as many people, especially during the summer months, when we can really own SPF and own sun.”

Appetite from the consumers is there, Kim continued. “After so long of people being in for COVID[-19], people want to be connected again, they want that experience, and we see that from the comments on our social. This product is something you have to experience.”

Cabell added that the pop-up “is kind of a test,” saying that if it proves successful for the brand, “maybe we’ll do more.”