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Kure Bazaar Launches at Saks, Focuses on U.S.

The eco-friendly nail polish brand has big plans for growth.

Kure Bazaar is staking a larger claim in the U.S.

The pioneering French eco-friendly nail polish brand debuted its corner in Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York flagship on Nov. 17. That marked the first time Kure Bazaar opened a department store shop-in-shop and offers services in the country.

“We always love to be in between fashion and beauty,” said Christian David, the brand’s founder. “We were born in the fashion industry.”

That is to say — backstage at fashion shows, where Kure Bazaar products have been used on models for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney and Balmain catwalks.

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“Our colors are like a fashion accessory,” said David, who called the tie-in with Saks a “beautiful match.”

Kure Bazaar’s 130-square-foot location there, also offering products, is on the department store’s second floor.

The U.S. is among the brand’s top priorities today.

“There’s now a big demand and trend around nail care [in the country],” David said. “That is an about-face from the long-lasting gel craze of the recent past.”

Since the Saks launch, Kure Bazaar’s Organic Cuticle Oil has sold best.

Kure Bazaar Organic Cuticle Oil

“It’s 100 percent organic — the first one in the world, with an infusion of rose,” said David, who considers the brand’s nail polish to be “like a small luxury product.”

More U.S. openings could take place, in Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco moving forward.

“This is definitely for us a new start for the brand,” he said.

Kure Bazaar, with its more than 200 stock keeping units, can be found worldwide in 500 to 600 doors, although primarily in Europe. Its bestsellers overall include the bases, such as Super Base with silicium, that’s also a treatment.

France is Kure Bazaar’s largest market, followed by the U.K. and Japan. A nail bar and services are expected to open in Tokyo, too, during the next 12 months.

The brand, which launched in May 2012 at the Bon Marché department store in Paris, began celebrating its 10th anniversary last year — and the fete will extend through 2023.

Yearly, Kure Bazaar sells around 1 million products, with a nail polish going for 16 euros and bases for 22 euros. It has registered on average approximately 25 percent organic sales growth annually.

Developing its e-commerce activity is another focus for 2023, although brick-and-mortar remains the brand’s priority.

“I don’t want to become a [digital-first] brand,” maintained David.

In September 2022, Kure Bazaar opened its capital for the first time, to Vesper Investissement, which took a minority stake to help support and develop the business.

“We always need more research,” said David, underlining Kure Bazaar is poised to launch its third product formula and that the brand always aims to be groundbreaking with innovation.

“I dream about the U.S.,” he continued. “It’s not possible to go seriously to the U.S. if you are not strong.”

The executive now splits his time between Paris and New York.

“I definitely want to know my new consumers and clients in New York,” he said.

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Further down the road, Kure Bazaar might become more involved in the world of hospitality.

“It means more space, more time — I love the idea of time — to take care of people,” David said.