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Lady Gaga Scores at the Super Bowl with Music and Makeup

Makeup artist Sarah Tanno created the singer’s look out of roughly 25 Marc Jacobs Beauty products.

Lady Gaga won rave reviews for her half-time performance at the Super Bowl – and her makeup helped the singer and songwriter deliver the goods.

Makeup artist Sarah Tanno worked with Lady Gaga during the first half of the football game to craft a look that would be compelling to both television watchers and the audience inside NRG Stadium. She painted the pop star’s face with around 25 Marc Jacobs Beauty products, including the brand’s Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Blacquer and Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in the shade Blacquer 42 for dramatic winged eyelids, and Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Dashing 206 and Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in Hot, Hot, Hot for bright red lips.

“Normally in my creative process I look to runways, fashion photography, films, and beauty icons. This time, because the Super Bowl is such an honor to Gaga and her journey, I used only her looks as my inspiration,” said Tanno, who has a long history with Lady Gaga, and handled her makeup for award shows, concert tours, music videos and “American Horror Story.” “I wanted to give the iconic Gaga look the world was familiar with, but elevate it into something that was new for this occasion.”

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Tanno started testing the look during rehearsals, and designed it to complement the sparkly Versace numbers made with Swarovski crystals and the bedazzled peel-off eye mask Lady Gaga wore on stage. She concentrated on making strong brow, eye and lip statements, while subtly accenting the apples of Lady Gaga’s cheeks in soft rose with Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Lush and Libido.

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“We really think about every detail to the fullest,” emphasized Tanno, elaborating about partnering with Marc Jacobs Beauty for the occasion, “Not only do I love their products, but I love what Marc and the brand stands for. They’re rule breaking, innovative and authentic.  Marc [Jacobs Beauty] has such a broad range of colors it was an easy choice.”

Lady Gaga’s brows were filled in with the brand’s Brow Wow Defining Longwear Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown 8, and brushed in place with Brow Tamer Grooming Gel. For the eyes, among the products she applied to Lady Gaga’s lids were Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in the pewter shimmer eye-shadow color Au Revoir 406 and the purples tones in the Style Eye Con No 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette.

Tanno didn’t catch much of the game. She professed to caring more about the commercials and, of course, the half-time show than the pigskin. “I am so proud of Gaga it brought me to tears. It was very emotional for all of us to see our friend conquer that stage,” said Tanno. “She blew us all away like she always does.”