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Lana Condor Joins Dashing Diva as Brand Ambassador

Condor joins as the brand launches Glaze, its product meant to mimic salon-quality gel manicures.

Dashing Diva, the nail care brand, has announced its latest celebrity ambassador — Lana Condor.

The brand brought on Condor, of Netflix’s “To All The Boys” franchise fame, in tandem with the launch of Glaze, its latest product that promises a salon-quality gel manicure with 45 seconds of downtime.

To Condor, who was named a Neutrogena ambassador last year, she finds appeal in brands based on the personalities behind them.

“I love working with brands because I love meeting new people, and the women behind Dashing Diva are so incredible. I felt such a part of their community truly just meeting them. Getting that gauge of them being women I’d love to work with, it’s how I gauge partnerships,” she said. “I’m not ruling out some day, down the line, developing something of my own.”

As a consumer, Condor was also attracted to the ethos of the brand, which aims to streamline nail care and art: a task that can prove difficult at home. “Sometimes, especially in the nail world, it can be kind of intimidating. You feel like you can’t do it yourself, and Dashing Diva champions themselves on making you the nail technician for yourself,” Condor said.

“I love taking the power into my own hands and being able to figure out new skills that I didn’t know about doing my own nails. Personally, it’s been really fun,” she continued.

Between beauty ambassadorships, Condor is still busy with acting, which includes a new project for Netflix. “I’m starting production on my new Netflix show, it’s called ‘Boo, Bitch’ and I’m just very excited about it. It’s a comedy, it’s raunchy, it’s fresh, it’s witty,” she said.

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