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Lauder to Tap New Team

Estee Lauder is expected to unveil another step today in the venerable brand’s continuing evolution by naming a slew of executives to new posts.

NEW YORK — Two days after inking a deal with Tom Ford, Estee Lauder’s John Demsey and Thia Breen are expected to unveil another step today in the venerable brand’s continuing evolution by naming a slew of executives to new posts.

“We have a wealth of talent and ability in this organization, and we are recognizing that and rewarding it,” said Demsey, who is global president of the Estee Lauder brand and holds the same role for MAC Cosmetics, to WWD on Thursday. “These executives have all made long-standing contributions to this brand.”

Daniel Annese, currently vice president of marketing for Estee Lauder North America, has been named senior vice president and general manager of Estee Lauder International, effective June 1. Annese, who will report to Demsey, replaces Mark Loomis, who has been named president of Estée Lauder Japan.

“Daniel has had a unique set of experiences in working on the Estée Lauder brand,” said Demsey, citing Annese’s experience in skin care and fragrance marketing, training and development and other areas. “His skill set and orientation in terms of the development of the brand makes him a great partner in carrying out the Estée Lauder vision around the world. He has an amazing way of ascertaining the marketplace and knows how to mobilize resources and move them to the next level.”

Replacing Annese as vice president of marketing for Lauder in North America is Marjorie Lau, currently vice president of global skin care marketing for the Lauder brand. Previous to assuming that role, Lau was vice president of skin care marketing at Estee Lauder North America. Lau will report to Breen, Lauder’s president of North American business, and will take over her new position June 1.

Alicia Valencia, who is vice president of strategic planning, will become vice president of sales and marketing, Latin America and Hispanic markets, for Estee Lauder, effective June 1. The new position integrates the Latin-American and U.S. Hispanic markets, reflecting their increasing market share of the Lauder brand, said Breen, to whom Valencia will report. “Alicia has been doing a lot of research in our Hispanic markets, seeing how we can communicate in the best way with this consumer,” said Breen. “The Hispanic market is extremely important to the brand and Alicia’s appointment reflects that.” Demsey agreed, calling the Hispanic market “a real area of opportunity” and “critical to Estée Lauder.”

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Beth Zurn, who has most recently been executive director of talent development for corporate management strategies and who is also a 12-year veteran of Clinique’s educational department, has been named vice president of education, North America, for the Lauder brand, also a new role. Her appointment is effective May 1. Previously, a now-departed vice president, Susan Flint, had overseen the brand’s educational programs on a global basis; the two roles have now been separated. A new global vice president of education has not yet been named.