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Butt Masks, Sage Spray, Pet Shampoo: Beauty Readies for the Dog Days of Summer

From dogs to the derriere, there's a summer beauty launch for that.

Summer — time to kick back, relax with a glass of rosé and try out some new beauty discoveries. Many brands shifted into overdrive this year, bringing out some kicky — and even kooky — products to keep sales sizzling.

Here, a selection of whimsical summer-themed launches that solve a variety of hot weather beauty challenges.


Plant-Based Collagen Butt Mask, $8

Founder of Dope Naturally protein powder, Sylwia Wiesenberg’s latest venture is a line of butt masks — which are, well, exactly what they sound like. Essentially a sheet mask for the backside, Bawdy’s plant-based collagen butt masks harness natural ingredients to deliver targeted antiaging benefits to the rear — from hydrating and toning to rejuvenating and detoxifying. Bawdy launched this month at Credo and Free People.

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Paris Water Balm, $22

The fusion of fitness and beauty continues. Luxury water bottle brand BKR has made its first foray into the beauty category with Paris, an algae-and-rose-based lip balm formulated with EU safety guidelines in mind. The balms are designed to fit inside BKR caps — so no SoulCycle junkie’s lips go dehydrated. Paris Water Balm is sold at Sephora.

The Ranch 

Sun Soaked Sage Face and Body Mist, $36

Healthy lifestyle company The Ranch harvests sage from its Malibu, Calif., retreat for its latest farm-to-face launch, Sun Soaked Sage Face and Body Mist. Perfect for the scorching summer weather, the mist can be used at any time thanks to its cooling, hydrating and refreshing properties. Free from alcohol and harmful additives, the all-natural spray has only three ingredients: sage, water and essential oils. Sun Soaked Sage Face and Body mist is available on The Ranch’s web site at


Block Water-Resistant Hair Shield, $29

Dipping in and out of the pool, lake or ocean is a summer treat. But wet hair is also weak hair. Inspired by waterproof mascara, the water-resistant formula acts as a swim cap for hair, sealing the cuticle and protecting from wind, water, sweat and UV rays. The limited-edition launch is sold on IGK’s e-commerce site, and in Sephora stores.

Beauty 21/L.A. Girl

Holographic Gloss Toppers, $5 to $6

L.A. Girl offers a mass-market take on holographic gloss toppers priced at a fraction of premium versions — opening up options for multiple shade purchases. The gloss toppers can be worn alone or over any lip color to create the prismatic look. Available in four shades, L.A. Girl toppers are enriched with Vitamin E, aloe and rosehip seed oil and are available at retailers including CVS, Harmon and Ulta Beauty.


Manicure gloves to safeguard against UV rays and LED lights, $24.

Concern about exposure to harmful rays amps up in the summer — and not just for the body but also for hands. With the goal of not amplifying damage caused by UV radiation during gel manicures, Kim Motola devised ManiGlovz. Not wanting to abandon her gel perfect talons, Motola produced the gloves using material that protects against 98 percent of all UV and LED rays. There are 25 styles available online at

Pretty Animalz by Masque Bar

Shark sheet mask, $3.99

A shark will join the stable of animal images emblazoned on sheet masks, including pandas, pigs and puppies, sold at more than 25,000 retail doors including CVS and Walgreens and online from the Masque Bar. Social media feeds the animal mask frenzy — cue the Shark Week Instagram posts. 


Pet Shampoo, $28

Speaking of animals, why should humans enjoy all the benefits of a spa day? This month, cult hair-care favorite Ouai is rolling out Pet Shampoo — exclusively on — just in time for sticky months when furry friends can use extra grooming. Formulated with odor-fighting cleansers and nourishing conditioners like apple cider vinegar, aloe and hibiscus extract, Ouai will help fur babies stay shiny and less knotty. Ouai is supporting the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, a nonprofit charity that is working on both a domestic and international front to help create a better world for dogs globally. While supplies last, 15 percent of Pet Shampoo’s proceeds will be donated to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.