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New Launches From Latine-founded Brands Bomba Curls, Araceli Beauty and More

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, here are five new launches from Latine-founded brands including Bomba Curls, Eauso Vert, Alleven and more.

Alleven Instant Colour & Treatment

$35 at Neiman Marcus and

Alleven Instant Colour & Treatment
Alleven Instant Colour & Treatment courtesy photo

For its first foray into color, Italy-based cosmetics and skin care brand Alleven has launched a triple-duty product.

Coming in five shades — Gold, Terra, Rose, Iris and Natural — the Instant Colour & Treatment is designed for use as a blush, lipstick or eye shadow, and is formulated with Alleven’s signature good-for-you ingredients.

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“We wanted to make something unique,” said brand founder Celia Forner. “We’re very serious about skin care, and for our first step into color, we wanted to make sure we were hitting the three pillars of Alleven, which are to prep, treat and perfect.

Containing peptides and skin-soothing portulaca extract, the Instant Colour & Treatment aims to provide buildable, non-transferring coverage. Its five debut shades can be blended to create an even wider range said Forner.

Forner did not specify sales expectations for the launch, but industry sources estimate the launch will do $1 million in retail sales during its first year on the market.

Araceli Beauty Monarca Mascara

$19 at

Araceli Beauty Monarca Mascara
Araceli Beauty Monarca Mascara courtesy photo

Just in time for the brand’s fourth anniversary, Araceli Beauty has launched its first mascara.

“We’ve always been focused on the eyes,” said founder Araceli Ledesma, who was born in Jalisco, Mexico, where local women are known as “Tapatías” and are revered for having beautiful eyes.

While many of Araceli Beauty’s products incorporate agave, which Jalisco is a leading grower of, in formulating the Monarca Mascara, Ledesma looked to Jalisco’s neighboring state Michoacán, which is known for its Monarch butterfly population.

“We love to have a curated theme to each product, and in addition to being the Monarch butterfly migration destination, Michoacán is also the largest producer of avocados in the world. We wanted to combine those elements together in a mascara,” Ledesma said.

Industry sources believe the Monarca Mascara could reach $95,000 in first-year sales, although Ledesma did not comment on the estimate.

“Even though [Araceli] is a cultural brand, it’s not just made for Latinos and Hispanic people,” Ledesma said. “I like to say it’s like tequila — it was made in Mexico, but it’s drank and loved by everybody.”

Dominique Cosmetics Dominique Essentials Palette

$49 at

Dominique Cosmetics Dominique Essentials Palette
Dominique Cosmetics Dominique Essentials Palette courtesy photo

Dominique Cosmetics is introducing its fifth palette.

Consisting of 10 multifunctional shades including shimmering eye shadows and neutral mattes, the Dominique Essentials Palette can be used for bronzing, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and under-eye brightening. 

“I wanted a multiuse product that could be used on both the face and eyes, so that it’s approachable and easy for everyone. Especially with me being a makeup artist and always dipping into different palettes, I wanted one that gives me the option to use it in different ways,” said founder and YouTube creator Christen Dominique.

Designed for day-to-night use, the palette is the first product to come in the brand’s updated packaging, which includes light-reflecting properties in a bid to emphasize the brand’s message of love and light. “This new packaging is the next level for our brand; it tells our color story and encompasses our tag line, which is ‘Beauty inside and out,’” Dominique said. 

Dominique did not comment on sales expectations for the palette, but industry sources think it will do around $980,000 in sales during its first year on the market.

Bomba Curls Papaya Curl Booster

$20 at

Bomba Curls Papaya Curl Booster

Bomba Curls Papaya Curl Booster
courtesy photo

Bomba Curls’ newest launch is inspired by the papaya fruit, which is also known as fruta bomba in certain Latin American countries. 

“Papaya [seed oil] is the second ingredient on our ingredient list, so I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk,” said Lulu Cordero, Bomba Curls founder. 

The brand’s first leave-in conditioner, the Papaya Curl Booster also contains black ginger, cinnamon and whipped cupuacu butter, all of which are ingredients Cordero grew up using to maintain her own curls. 

“I know my customer because I am the customer, and that makes a world of a difference,” Cordero said. “Unfortunately, as a woman of color, a lot of the products that are marketed to communities of color are not exactly the cleanest and for me, it’s very important to offer healthier, cleaner options.”

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The product’s buildable formula aims to cater to the needs of different hair types and curl patterns, from 2A waves to 4C curls. 

Cordero declined to comment on sales expectations for the launch, but industry sources estimate the product will reach $200,000 in sales during its first year on the market.

Eauso Vert Purple Noon

$165 at

Eauso Vert Purple Noon
Eauso Vert Purple Noon courtesy photo

Having launched earlier this month, Eauso Vert is a fragrance brand that seeks to encapsulate meaningful moments through scent. 

Cofounded by Estée Lauder alums Tanya Gonzales and Faye Harris, Eauso Vert’s debut collection consists of five fragrances formulated by Pascal Gaurin, vice president, senior perfumer at IFF. 

“We don’t believe in conforming to these gender norms that dictate floral scents are feminine or musky scents are masculine,” Gonzales said. “We built this brand for people to decide for themselves, based on how each scent makes you feel.”

The fragrances in the line are Sintra, Joga, Vanilla Embers, Boozy Patchouli and Purple Noon, which are all formulated with sugarcane-based alcohol and encapsulate the woody, amber, floral and fresh scent families. 

Purple Noon, in particular, incorporates notes of Italian bergamot, neroli, vanilla and coconut water. 

“We call the scents in the collection a series of moments, blended and bottled,” Harris said. 

Industry sources estimate each fragrance in the brand’s debut line, including Purple Noon, will garner roughly $350,000 in retail sales during their first year on the market.