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EXCLUSIVE: Launchmetrics Spotlights Diversity and Inclusivity in Beauty Advertising

The data research and insights company’s Beauty Content Killers campaign runs through May 19.

PARIS — Launchmetrics is kicking off its Beauty Content Killers campaign, which spotlights diversity and inclusivity in beauty advertising.

“We’re here to share the success stories and prove that brands can be key voices when it comes to these conversations,” Alison Bringé, chief marketing officer of the data research and insights company, told WWD. “When we look at the media impact value these brands were able to drive, it’s no longer just the job of the media or influencers to tell these stories or to be a platform or a vehicle to share these stories. Brands can yield a lot of buzz.

“Beauty Content Killers highlights the brands that have used their voice and content to kill it, spread the word and create awareness when it comes to inclusivity and diversity,” she explained.

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Beauty Content Killers begins today, highlighting Sephora’s The Unlimited Power of Beauty campaign and Valentino’s Voce Viva fragrance campaign, on a microsite. Two more will be highlighted per day on April 12, 19, 26 and May 3, for a total of 10 campaigns that were launched in 2020 from around the world.

The Unlimited Power of Beauty campaign includes videos in various languages, stills and user-generated content. Launchmetrics analyzed data from it between Feb. 1 and March 17, 2020.

“That yielded $3.4 million in media impact value,” Bringé said. “The own social media channels of Sephora drove the most value for that campaign [with 95 percent]. What was super interesting, when we did the analysis, was the fact that [its] concept was built from a global perspective — celebrating all skin tones, sizes, shapes, that there’s not just one meaning when it comes to beauty.

“What Sephora did a really good job of, which helped spread that message and drive media impact value, was that then each local market adopted that message to be something relevant to their customer,” she said, adding that consumers today are not just seeking authenticity but also relatability.

Valentino’s campaign for Voce Viva, fronted by Lady Gaga, comes with the message: “My Voice, My Strength.” Launchmetrics reviewed data from it between Sept. 1 and Oct. 17, 2020.

“That ended up having a media impact value of $5.4 million,” said Bringé, explaining within that the strongest voice was media, representing 71 percent of the MIV.

“When we look at the conversations, what really drove the data in the media was the fact that there was this authentic voice,” she said, referring to Lady Gaga, a longstanding advocate of the LGBTQ community. “It didn’t hurt, too, that she posted about it.”

The one post garnered $425,000 in MIV.

“The truth is, brands need to have the right voice for the right message for the right goal,” Bringé continued.

Beauty is about confidence and power, no matter who or where you are, “that’s what really struck us when we looked at these different campaigns,” she said.

Beauty Content Killers will culminate on May 19, when Launchmetrics hosts a virtual event bringing together different industry player to talk about the theme of inclusivity and diversity. They will include YouTube’s Derek Blasberg, Digital Brand Architects’ Reesa Lake, The Wall Group’s Ali Bird, makeup artist Jezz Hill and TooD Beauty’s Shari Siadat.

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