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Leonard Lauder Wins CEW Achiever Awards

Lauder became the first man ever to win the award.

Believe it or not, there have been those who have doubted Leonard A. Lauder throughout his incredible career. Take a beauty buyer from the now-defunct Jordan Marsh department store, who replied with scorn, “You? The biggest?” when a younger Lauder, then the president of his family’s fledgling cosmetics firm, said his dream was to be number one. “Well, I did it,” he exulted from the podium at the Waldorf Astoria, where he became the first man ever to win a CEW Achiever Award. Lauder, a master speech-giver who rouses a room like no other, used the anecdote to deliver his main message: “In order to get there, you have to have a dream,” he told the 1,000-plus attendees. “Dream today about what you want to do tomorrow, and wherever you are, I’ll be cheering for you.”